Snowbird come back Day

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Ric

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    My area is very Snowbird dependent and the Snowbirds are already starting to comeback. Oct 15th kind marks the return of the Snowbird. But Sept 15th to Nov 15th is the time frame. Many return to the North for Thanksgiving and even stay for X Mas. Then Jan 15 marks the second coming of Snowbirds.

    The Bottom Line is:

    While yard Boys are finishing up on their blow and go customers and even ready to sell off equipment for Beer Money. The smart professional is and has been marketing to the returning Snowbirds who are disappointed that their property doesn't look like Disney World. I find this time of years is the best time to pick up Year Round Customers. Advertising can go far this time because those interested in your ad are looking for a year round service. They are unhappy with the cheap blow & go guy and are willing to pay.

    Your area may not have as high a percentage of Snowbirds as my area. But Snowbirds are a big factor in Florida's economy unless they are the cheap ass Canadians who get in the way and are a PITA.

    BTW April 15th is Snowbird go home day. It is the time frame leading up to returning north that offers a upsell market for those DIY things they didn't get done.

  2. Patriot Services

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    I've already done a few cleanups and pool openings for NY and NJ birds. The return of the Canadians means no more dining out as spit sauce will be back on the menu.
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  3. billslawn89

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    ya, i have 2 canadian snowbirds and it sucks cuz i only get a 6 month check from them...they dont want me to continue the rest of the year, but cant complain too much cuz they are side by side and the one has me do extras, but the other, tightwad!
  4. williams lcm

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    I see the lco's around trying to get everything up to par before they arrive. Many have slacked off while they were gone. But this is the time to get the snowbird accounts. I seen alot today looking at my rig. They all walk the neighboorhood in the morning. It gets crazy. They got the dogs, golf carts ect. Some snowbirds still cant figure out why they pay me to cut it in the winter when I only show up twice each month.
  5. Ric

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    My point exactly. Get while they are hot. If you have not done it yet. Now is the time to make note of those house with the Hurricane shutter all around and a poor looking yard. These are the people on your existing route that are your next new customer. Watch for the first sign of life and start slow with a Flyer. If they call you, you have the upper hand in pricing and selling the job. If they don't call you knock on their door but don't wait until they already hired a new guy.
  6. Darryl G

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    Wow, the timing is like exactly opposite here......
  7. jvanvliet

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    What's the difference between a Canadian & a canoe?

    Canoes TIP! BWAHAHAHA...:laugh::laugh::drinkup::waving:

    Tourists ARE a PIA. Before I take their account, they have to sign an agreement and pay in advance of the monthly service. I've been burned too many times :cry:.
  8. Patriot Services

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    Hell yes, payment in hand before one blade is turned. I had one already think he could get 6 months of growth and trash for the price of a single cut.
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  9. So glad we get the northeasterners here on the east coast. When I worked in an up-per scale restaurant my tip average was 20%.
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  10. gregory

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    they flood down here when they get the first cold snap....

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