Snowblower attachment for Toro Dingo 525w

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Brian M, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Brian M

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    from CT
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    I'm considering buying the Toro snowblower attachment for my Toro Dingo 525w.

    If anyone owns one can you please offer some input as to how well it works.

    I'm wondering if the dump & curl control is going to make it a PITA to use.
    In other words constant readjustment of the dump & curl control to get it to scrap the pavement and sidewalks properly!

    Also will the tracked Dingo have traction problems in deep snow?
  2. moosbro

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    I've got a snowblower for the Dingo (420TX). We bought it to help clean ice skating rinks, but found the tracks aren't so good on ice, but it also tended to leave some rusty spots from the snow melting on the wheels.

    Needless to say we don't use it much so I'd be open to offers, you pay shipping from 55302. We've probably put 10 hours on it total since 2002.

    It will throw snow like crazy 50 feet plus, depending if you've got enough snow to fill it (kind of like priming a pump), so deep snow is not a problem.

    The curl dump isn't much trouble, it has the skids like a walkbehind blower, so you can scrape clean.
  3. Green&Clean

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    Hi There - by any chance do you have that Dingo Snow blower for sale still?

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