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Northwest Ohio
Any thing that you can spray on the auger to keep it from iceing up? Had to give up today cause auger was totally iced up. Would spraying WD 40 or any other lube? Well thanks for your input. Mowman


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Never had an auger Ice up that bad.What are you blowing slush or really wet snow?<br>Wd-40 might help but I dont think it would stay on very long.I havent had a problem with icing and was blowing last night.<br>Guess i wasnt that much help to you.


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South Bend, IN
Welcome to the fun of snow removal, Mowman. The ground is still warm enough that the snow at ground level is melting, while air temp may be well below freezing. When you churn up this wet snow or slush into the cold air, it freezes in place on augers. You did the only thing to do - knock off for a while. I have only had this happen half a dozen times in 20 years.<p>Sometimes the conditions are just right for this to happen for only a couple of hours, and you can go back to it. I have a wooden club (broken shovel handle) attached to the blower for cleaning plugged chute and knocking buildup off of augers.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN