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    is it profitable enough to go around with a snowblower and try to make money, my target areas would be with houses close together and not very big drive ways. but whats the best way to sell them on snowblowing instead of plowing, besides, no ripped up lawn, and or big tall snow banks? plus im working on a flyer ill post it when i get it figured out how i like it.
  2. 32vld

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    Home owners are not going to care either way for the most part. The are going to care about the price a lot more.

    I had some ( very few ) home owners that assumed a snow blower could not do their property. To those I would say that I have large 2 stage blowers and have been doing this for years. Being they didn't know anyone else they let me do their property. I never disappointed them.
  3. 32vld

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    Worth it?
    Depends on how much you can charge and how many homes you can service after the storm.

    Also may pay for you to have a shovel man go out with you. One blowing driveway, one doing stairs and areas where the blower can't be used.

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    What I find works well for me, and a lot of other guys in my area are probably doing the same thing is to advertise on craigslist or kijiji a couple days before a big storm, and you can do quite well as long as your price is right and is in comparison with most other guys. People do want their driveways cleaned asap, so once the bigger companies have all they can handle for the day & night, now your phone starts ringing off the hook on top of what you might have already picked up. You can do quite well! If you dont mind being in the cold for 20hrs plus. Stay warm my friend.
  5. moneyclass

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    Good post. Im actually going to start off this year with a snow blower snow removal service. Just got my signs made up yesterday.

    Yeah my goal to get customers is keeping the price down and im gonna add in doing all for snow plows they usually dont add that into there service (there to lazy to get out of there warm truck lol)

    Im doing $25 a driveway which will include there driveway sidewalks and salt by the front door.
  6. 32vld

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    Just what we need another low baller bring everyone else's profit down the drain.

    I get $40 for a small driveway alone. single car width long enough to sqeeze two cars on it.

    Then I try to up sell with price options. The customer can choose the level of service they can afford. Just driveway price, then quote if they would like you to also provide mail box access, cars, stairs, side walks, walk way around the house, side entrance, patios, decks, cars, etc.

    I don't mess with salt. For two reasons. We clean up everything so well there is no need for salt. Up selling brings in a lot more profits then salting.

  7. JBlawn

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    If you have the clients and are close together its worth it. i do around 20 driveways with a snow blower, they are all very close together and can get them done in about 6 hours and make 900 then wait for the next snow.
  8. H & M Yard Improvements

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    Really? $25 a driveway? Seriously? How much do you plan on making at $25 a driveway? How long will a long driveway with a steep terrain take you? How much fuel do you plan on using? How long of a travel in between driveways? You may want to rethink your price. Id hate to be out there and get only a few calls and make only 75 bucks for doing only 3 driveways. not a good days pay if you ask me. If you charge those prices, you may as well do it for free!
  9. moneyclass

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    Thanks for everyones comments...maybe i will rethink my price. What is the going rate then? 30 40 50???
  10. bel-nor

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    Yes you can make good pay from that service. I like the Toro 2 stage 826 thrower for driveways/sidewalks. Think about using a powerful blow vac for steps/walkway which saves time. Also the blow vac can be used to blow off the customers cars which will keep that customer for the winter season..believe me. Then seal the deal with "I blow vac'ed your rear entry (around the door and a path to the rear yard) in case of an emergency in this weather. I charge $35.00, and get $5 to $15 tips and request to return if the snow starts again. Like the Lawn business the right tools make the work possible for good profits.
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