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    Question on the getting you guys get payment right when the job is done or send them a invoice?

    If you do send a invoice would that be a per job invoice or monthly invoice?
  2. H & M Yard Improvements

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    It depends on the customer. For me it is for my regular customers that pay on time every month, i will bill them at the end of the month with whatever service i did for them throughout that month. for the customers that arent exactly always on time with payment or ones that would flag me down etc, i always ask for payment upfront otherwise i dont do squat.
  3. moneyclass

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    Yeah the flag down people I didnt know what to do.....I know theres probably a few of those people out there. I guess you would have to collect payment right there and then go take care the driveway.
  4. DiSantolandscaping

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    well we got 3 to 8 inches of snow coming in tommorow night and i havnt had time to go out and find accounts but i tihnk since the grounds not frozen i might have a shot to snowblow a good amount cause people wont want a ripped up lawn and drive :laugh:
  5. H & M Yard Improvements

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    Rate would usually depend on the property. think about how long that driveway will take you to clean off (labor). then factor in fuel for your snow blower and vehicle expenses, profit, etc add it to your labor and theres your price. Prices can vary from driveway to driveway. Everyones labor and expenses are different. Give it some thought and crunch some numbers.
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    For regular customers that you can trust and they have paid on time in the past. Do what ever you want.

    Thing is snow removal is a different animal then landscaping. Some people do them once they become regular customers. Some only want you when the snow is deeper then they are willing to do on their own with a shovel. So they are semi regulars.

    The thing is I still get a lot of one timers for many reasons. These pay me cash when I get done.

    Many a customer fears that they can hand you the money first you can just get into your truck and drive off. Also they don't want to pay until you are done to make sure that you did a good job.

    Never meet a customer that made me nervous about being paid. Lucky that I never got burnt.

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    If you do decide to use salt for your customers, make sure you dont put it on concrete if they have any on their eats away at it over time! asphalt is ok, but like someone else said, just stay away from it. Do a good job and you wont have to worry about salt.
  8. moneyclass

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    Everyone is saying stay away from salting which i probably will now. But what if they ask for it......charge pretty high for it so i they want it i get good money for it and if they say no then no harm on me?
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    We use Ice-melt products that are not harmful to cement/lawns. It cost more, but most are happy. We also have a de-icer service too. If they want salt, have them sign off on the service.
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    Unless you have a considerable amount of snow each winter your probably better off delivering pizzas. This area is loaded with $15-$25 per drive types. 120' estate driveways plowed for $35.

    Winter before last barely 4 nominal snow falls. Lots of legit guys lost their shirts. Last winter just shy of 15 events.

    This is the land of lowball sprinkler blow outs. One Co advertises "we will beat ANY competitors price on blow outs". I.belive this is an.attempt to.get.their foot in.the door for.other.landscape and maintenance work.
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