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  1. TST1

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    my pricing goes like this.for an average driveway i'll price it at $40 up to 6 inches.$10 each additional inch up to 12 inches and $20 each inch after 12 inches of snow.does anyone price similar?
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    I am glad you posted this question. I recently did some plowing and the snow levels and weight were more than six inches. I too charged about $10 more for the plowing on some drives due to the level of snow. Would be curious what others do in this case.
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    Example is one of my lots:

    11"&Up....$Priced according to storm

    Rocksalt at $0.20 per lb applied as needed for safety.
    Mg/Ca-Cl at $0.75 per lb applied to concrete areas.

    These Prices are per visit or snowfall. Repeat visits for drifting is extra.
    You will notice a big jump from the 5"-7" and 8"-10". There is a lot of extra work involved with a 10" snowfall vs a 5".

    Hope this helps.


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