Snowplow Show on cable?

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  1. ProSeasons

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    I was walking on the treadmill(Lord knows there's nothing else to do)and watching "Gardening by the Yard" with Paul James,when I had this idea,we should create our own 'snowplow professionals show' on Home Gardening Network or Speedvision or whatever.Chuck,you could be the host! I could be the director(with a lot of help)we could go all over and check out everybody's set-ups and techniques and compare local ordinances.We could visit all the factorys and see how all of our favorite snowplows are built. We'll have a weekly segment for SIMA and let them say how important it is for everyone to have a more professional
    image and let them suggest(through membership of course)how to go about it.Every week we'll visit somebody different,Dino,Geoff,John DiMartino,John Allin,SlimJimZ71,iowastorm etc....and follow 'em around while they work!We could go up to Canada!How 'bout it Denis? Chuck and his brother could be our factory test pilots,let Chuck evaluate equipment while his brother takes a plow through it's paces as only HE can!(HehHeh)Pros and cons of all our favorite pick-ups,skidsteers,engine blocks and trannys......snowblowers.Motor oil,even.We could talk about what we want!What do you guys think?

  2. Mike Nelson

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    I think you might be on to something.Will it take alot of capital to start? I would be willing to help start it.Might be like how SIMA got started.
    Keep us posted.
  3. Chuck Smith

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    Well, it's already registered to someone..... oh yeah, that's mine! Haven't done anything with it yet though. Registered it a few months back. I got an e mail saying that .tv domains were available, so I got that one.

    That's good for others too, since so many .coms are taken, as are .nets. So, you can come up with your own name, and try .tv instead of .com, and see if it is taken already.

    I thought having a webcam broadcasting from a plow truck would be cool, and good for a "fix" for all us snow junkies, when some of us haven't had any in a while! AND yes, I am serious, I would go for a TV show like that. How about it plow manufacturers? Those of you that are reading this post!

  4. BRL

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  5. plowguy06

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    that sound like an awesome idea. maybe you could do factory tours, segments with repairs, troubleshooting and installations, etc
  6. SlimJim Z71

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    Where do I sign?

  7. GeoffDiamond

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    You guys need some snow. I was on the news once during the winter of 95/96.

  8. SlimJim Z71

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    I think you're exactly right... we don't have any snow, so we've gotten a little creative with our abundance of SPARE TIME. But, we would have to film it out by John Allin since he's keeping all the snow to himself. Publicity stunt if you ask me...


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  9. finnegan

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    sounds like a cool show ,but i'd want to handle electronics section of the show if you're gonna use slim jim and digger,i atleast deserve a 30 second spot....
  10. Mike Nelson

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    I figure John Allin has all the snow,he must have all the Money....Guess who's buying the cocktails in Denver? You got it probably Peggy!
    Just talked to John Parker and he wants to buy commercial time to sell MagicOOOOO.

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