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snowplowing contracts=Landscape contrats

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Do you guys that plow snow usually get the lawn care/landscaping end of the business from your clients.I just got a letter in the mail from a company that i picked up this past fall for snow plowing and i gave him a "deal" on the snow removal and i gave him a deal on the lawn quote(he is a family friend) i get it in the mail today and he said that he all ready has a contract for the season. I spoke to him in the fall about the up coming season and he said yeah pass me on a quote, well i sent it to him back in February and this is what i get. so my question is do the plowing contract and lawn care contract go hand and hand

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It would be nice to have the lawn too. But have they delt with this other co before. If so they might be happy with them. We all know people are scared of change.. So if he is happy with your snow service you may still land that next year, if he isn't just looking for your "deal" as you put it. It's nice to have it all but it's never like that all the time.
One could always call them up and ask why they choose the other co. and if they are on for the coming snow season 04-05.


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Originally posted by hole in one lco
Thats the only reason i do snow removal is to keep the other guy off the customers yard.
EXACTLY!!! That is the only reason that I am really in the snow removal business. If I didn't offer the snow removal to my current lawn care customers then there is a chance that I would lose them


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That depends on the customer.... we have some that > combo< in the whole package,,,,, others prefer to keep it seperate.


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Southern Ohio
I only snow plow for ones I mow and landscape for. If i'm not good enough to mow and landscape then I am not going to freeze my tail off to snow plow for them.