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  1. Because too much plowers put snow from the driveway on the side of the street and that cost too much when the city remove the snow from the street by truck. They want to know what kind of equipment we use and the sector we cover. I never heard about it before. I know that some city around here, like Montreal and Quebec, charged to customer a permit to allow to put the snow in the street before they clean the street or it's a fine. the permit must be in a window and visible for the city crew. if i remember it's something like 250 for a 2 car lot.

    the way they want handle it here, we gonna have to pay.

    Anyone pay for this and how much u pay ??

  2. Chuck Smith

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    It is common in areas of Michigan to need a permit to plow snow. It is not as costly as in your area, and does not allow a contractor to push snow into the street though.

  3. 250 is for allowing customer, or the contractor, to put the snow in the street.

    I don't no at this time how much it will be for my snowplow licence.( for operate my biz)

    how much do you pay chuck ?

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    If for $250 I could just push a driveway out into the street and head for the next one, I'd probably pay it!

    Many towns around here will charge a small amount, around $40, but as chuck says-no snow in the road at all, or even pushing across the road.
  5. Chuck Smith

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    I'm in NJ, so I don't know. I write for a magazine based in Detroit, and I read an article they had, listing the towns and cities in Michigan that require a liscense. As far as I know, there is no liscense required anywhere in NJ.

  6. Michael Fronczak

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    I think it's a good idea for snowplow bus. to be registered or somthing like that, it would cut down on the people not insured properly, ect.
  7. Like Michael said, I hope that licence will sweep out the non official snowplower and help to raise the price. 270-300tx include is the average seasonnal contract cost for a standard residential driveway around here. I even saw some bids under 200$. Winter average snowfall is 288 cm.

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