So, Can I Cut Now Or What?

My customers lawns are looking a little long. Not sure if they remained dormant for very long due to the mild weather. The lawns that are treated are really green and healthy. Would it stress or otherwise damage the turf if I were to cut the ones that really need it? I've only been in this region for 4 years and haven't delt with such a mild winter before.


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You should be fine as long as you dont cut when there is frost on them. We use our mowers on the grass during the winter for fall clean-ups.


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I cut several last week/week before last. Pretty much did not stop with leaves and all. 65 bags of mulch to lay down on Wednesday...I've kept busy this winter compared to last. This year I have a large commercial that has something for me to do every the checks that come in through the winter.

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I will probably do some "spot" mowing this week myself. It's so wet here though I may have to wait for a few dry days. I usually don't start cutting until the 3rd week of March. I can't really remember a winter this mild.