so confused!!! which ztr for homeowner??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by zigbang, May 17, 2002.

  1. zigbang

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    Been reading all of the forum posts on ZTR's for a month or so and still seem to be undecided. Been to the Exmark, Dreat dane, J.D., and Hustler dealers. Am very intersted in Hustler but mostly from the positive postings on this forum...the dealer had nothing to look at or demo plus he's about 25 miles away so am concerned about dealer support. Am also considering John Deere with it's new "7 iron" deck. Looks like it would hold up to a bomb blast!! Anybody have comments on the look of cut?? I know that the J. D. and Great Dane are pretty much the same machine except for the deck and stick design. Also looked at the Exmark Lazer Z HP and am very impressed and I know there are a lot of Exmark fans at this site. Sooo does it come down to cost, dealer support...I'm looking at $5500 for a Fastrak 52"/20HP, $6700 (after rebate) for a Great Dane Chariot Jr. 52"/23HP, Exmark Lazer Z HP 52"/23 at $7300,and the J.D. 727 Mini Z 54"/23HP at $7400. Seee the dilema?? My Exmark and J. D. dealers seem the most enthusiastic about there products which was a big influence. I'm intersted in anbody with experience with the J.D. and the new and improved Great Dane since J.D. is behind them now. Thanks in advance and hope it quits raining soon!!

  2. mike48114

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    Buy an Exmark.. There is nothing on the market that touches the Exmark Name... Try one and see

  3. P&J Lawncare

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    The only time my hustler would touch a exmark is when I bump it in the rear so I can pass it. HAHAHA!

    If you are looking to spend around $7400 then why isn't the hustler z 61 on your list I am sure you can probably get one for that price.
  4. che

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    I was confused too... 'till I got me a hustler fastrak, can't beat a honda engine 18hp 7mph well built machine .. it looks like a hot rod .
  5. rick_reno

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    I looked at and tested a lot of them and ended up buying the 60 inch Hustler Z. Make sure you test them before buying. I was all set to buy the Fastrak, it clearly would have done everything I want to do with a mower, until I drove the Z. The last ones to come out to my place were from the local Hustler dealer; he brought three of them out - a Fastrak, walk behind and the Z. We played around with the Fastrak for a long time and then my wife drove the Z. She came back and said "You've GOT to try this". I did and we were sold. If the local dealer doesn't have anything to look at - call or email Hustler and let them know. These are fantastic machines - built like a tank. If you need a phone number or email address for their territory sales manager - drop me a line with your email address and I'll pass it on - or go up to the Hustler only forum above and post a note there that you want to test these mowers and can't. I'm sure something will happen to get you test units.
  6. awm

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    i would suggest u ask your dealer about the 52 lazer w 20 kohler,that came back out this yr. i had a price of 6800 q

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