So Dads trying to pull it off...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Yeah, make sure you got a good contract set before you make a mistake. I hate for them to run out of $$$ and you end up getting stuck with the payments. :cry:
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    Would there be any other work that you could use this machine on if you would buy Jr.?
    Could you use it for any of the other brush work you have been doing or the pool stuff or are you out of all that stuff now?
  3. Junior M

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    The forestry package is what has been worrying me. Sounds like I dont really need it.

    And I've already told him we'll need a fuel tank, air compressor and some hand tools..

    And when I talked about a machine, I was thinking of finding a decent T300 and just go from there for the attachments..

    As of now, we are renting, no if ands or buts. Way to much to risk by just buying a machine right off the bat. But our expenses per week will be freakin horrible renting, thats why I'd like to get some work lined up and find a used machine and go from there.. Sorry a new machine came across as an option because its definetly not. Especially in our position, I just wanted yalls opinion..

    Thats just my idea though, I dont wanna really get involved with this, its Dads deal. I am just here to do what he asks..

    could you or yellow give an acreage rate? Just a guess?

    I am helping, I am not going to work my ass off or do more than what I am asked like I would've before..

    I am sure I could find the work, especially this time of the year with all the people I know that are wanting things to done on there hunt clubs..

    But I dont know, Dad called the guy Friday and no answer. I'll see if he calls again Monday, that'll show how serious he is..
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    Keep in mind you are talking seriuos money....someone say $100K here? Think about the "other" alternatives to what this money could do. ROI analysis is key at this juncture. For that $ you could buy or start 2 completely different businesses, even 2 non-cyclical ones so when 1 is down, the other is up, which may produce more than what you are contemplating. I am in now way steering you away from what your are discussing cause I know NOTHING about that business.:) As someone who runs 3 diffferent businesses that are completely non-related and a corporate finance refugee, what I am saying is look at all your options, costs, and potnetial leverage (meaning get the most for $ invested against fixed costs) for what you could ALSO do with that $. Being a small business person, I look at every $ to see where it is BEST spent. I know someone who bought a laundry mat for under $50K, and he makes close to a decent wage with that investment. You could do 2 small businesses with your nut you may be facing...and probably do alright. Diversify young man, betting on 1 specific service sounds iffy with it entailing high upfont costs, high operating costs, and a dedicated machine.:drinkup:
  5. Junior M

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    You obviously know nothing about our situation..

    We've got no money to invest in this, other than what we've got in the bank which would probably cover the small stuff(fuel tank, tool box, air compressor)

    We dont have $50k to invest and as most know I am not looking for a biz for the money. I am in a job right now because I needed the money and a back up plan that I am beginning to realize I freakin hate! And I dont wanna do it again, no matter how bad my last job sucked atleast I liked the work..

    All we've got to really invest is our livelyhood. We arent going into this because we need the money, atleast I am not. I am doing it because its what I wanna do with my life, its what I love to do. In no way do I hate to get up in the morning to go work for myself, but I dread going to my current job because its boring as hell and I frankly, I kinda suck at it..

    Dad is doing it, well just because he wants to see me go somewhere with my life and he loves running equipment, its what he's done for years..

    And me and Dad talked about it, if we can get this work and get a machine, start diversifying ourselves. That is kinda what killed his business years ago, having all his eggs in one basket so to say.

    Btw, buying a CTL with a fecon head isnt a dedicated machine. If we bought a Super Trak, that'd be a dedicated machine..
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    Good luck Juinor, Sounds like you got a good head on your shoulders and you know what you want. Im sure you guys can pull it off. The difference between the ones who fail and the ones who suceed is the failures just gave up. Always keep pushing and eventually you will get rewarded.
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    you may not likely find a rental machine designed to be in the woods, ie., set up with Lexan, muffler guards, light guards, etc. I know some rental departments specifiy no tree clearing with rental machines. You may be able to buy a regular door and get a lexan insert for it and swap it on the rental. Get the damage waiver! ;)

    Oh, production rates vary with density, terrain, tree type, and time of year. Winter is a great time of year because a lot of trees have no leaves and you can see in the woods better. It just depends. I never guarantee any type of production rate but can get 1-2 AC/day on average in medium thick material. Just depends! So much is dependent on the variables I listed. I have gotten only 1/2 AC/day with an XPS cat and mulcher and as far as 7 ac/day with same machine.
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  8. Junior M

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    Not here.. Bobcat is renting me one, he already has one on the yard ready to go when Dad talked him last Tuesday.. T320 set up just like Andrews..
  9. curtisfarmer

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    Sounds great saying this is what you want to do...because it is great:)...just pay attention to the details and make sure you make the right decision. You need to remove the emotions from the equtaion and crunch the $#s....other wise Bobcat of wherever will be at your next job to take your CTL away....boombiddybyebye:confused:

    I know this thread is just another way for you justify a Kubota TLB so you can truely be diversified:laugh: :laugh::laugh:I know your forestry head can do everything for sure....for mulching.....but surely you'll need more to stay diversified.

    You are talking real $, make sure you make the right decision the 1st time.......or we will be seeing you on IronPlanet:nono:
  10. YellowDogSVC

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    that would be a sweet way to go.

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