So Dads trying to pull it off...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I work with my Dad everyday too, so I understand the frustration. I got in trouble for taking on a basement dig 1/2 hr away for a guy who gives us a ton of work. We didnt have to go back, he had a guy from that town lined up to do the rest, he just needed the basement dug so he could get the concrete poured and keep his guys busy. I get frustrated about certain things but he has 44 years on the job so when I stop and think about it most times what he is saying is right. I am eager to go and he is slowing down so until he lets me have the reins it will probably be a bit frustrating!
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    The whole deal with going after the work is my only problem with my Dad..

    He's taught me everything I know so I dont know any other way to do the jobs. so we work together great and never talk because we know how its going to be done..
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    My sentiments on working with your dad. Like everyone else says, when it's good it's really good. The worst part is you still live at home. You can't get away. Now I live in another town, and he and mom don't understand why I don't like to come over for lunch when I'm in town working. Just give me a half hour away!
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    Exactly.. They cant understand why I am constantly out running around or at work. Its because I need sometime away from not just Dad, but mom too..
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    So Dad called that guy like 5 or 6 times, left a voicemail each time. No calls back so far..

    We had a demo on a T320 this past friday, but due to Dad having to work to get a job done we couldnt demo it..

    But now he's on this new thing, which I am pretty sure we could pull off.. Not just us though..

    So him and my boss are pretty good friends, they were talking about work Friday night while out having a beer. Well my boss brought up septics and wells.. Dad said well we dont have the money to get into that.

    my boss was on this thing that all we needed was a 310 JD. :rolleyes: But Dad thinks he may help us out because Dad mentioned well we cant move that and he said something about us using his truck.. So he is goin to talk to him some more about it..

    But anyways, Dad is really interested in seeing if he could help us get started. So what all do I need to look into?

    I know I need to start looking at:
    tank supplier
    Can that tile with the gravel wrapped around it be used for every job?
    Will the supplier bring the tank and set it in the hole?

    What am I missing?
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    What are you missing?

    A QA on the front of that backhoe.:)
  7. Junior M

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    I was looking at the prices of backhoes and mini excavators on Machinery trader last night..

    They want $32,500 for a fully loaded Bobcat 335 with 175 hours(Q/A, angle blade, cab, thumb and 24in bucket)

    For a 310 JD with comparable hours was anywhere from loaded to plain jane with nothing but 4wd was $60k

    To get down to even $36k, they were around 1,500 hours.

    But seriously AWJ, you were the person I was hoping would help me out with this. Am I missing anything?
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    Backhoes are good for septics but excavators work well also.

    Get to reading.

    Everything has to be state approved in regards to materials and your state will have a list of suppliers of tanks and approved products.
  9. AWJ Services

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    The QA was a joke aimed at the lasted Lawnsite expert.LOL

    You can get backhoes cheaper than that if you look. You can find KX-161 excavators with open cabs for 25k. Heck a KX-081 just sold on IP for 37k.

    The first thing you need to do is find out what product the competition is using, price per ft they are installing it, and if the new construction is not there you will have to do repairs which means you will have to deal with Effluent or poopy water . The margins are not as high as Landscape installations but the work is much steadier.
    If your serious about this you need to call me and I will do what I can to help you.
  10. Junior M

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    Thanks AWJ, I didnt even think to look there.. :waving:

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