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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by jcltyson, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Had my 30hp 66" Super Z (with flexs) for a week now. Really like it so far. Only a couple of concerns...
    1). The lower other mower (Toro) had a bit higher profile. I find myself getting "stuck" where before the mower would go thru a particular scanerio. I mean going over curbs, coming down from islands, going over small ditches...the front tires would support the front and the rear anti-scalping wheels (I use to call the wheelie bars because of their location) would support the rear of the mower with the drive wheels off the ground. I have to get off the mower and move the front end around, one way or the other so one of the drive wheels might get traction and scoot me off the object. I can't think of a way to get around these predicaments other than search for a place to cross with less of a valley. Any suggestions?

    2). I agree with some other postings I have seen about documentation on the mower/deck. I feel there is a lot to be desired here. Marketing has done a poor job, unless what I got with my mower is all Hustler offers..There should be some literature showing all the features and options or any variables that is supported by Hustler, available from the company for this product and how they would benefit the user. I only have, what appears to be, the basic info.

    I have seen some skepticism concerning the flex this time I feel these things are GREAT! As far as the quality of cut, I haven't seen any evidence of a bad cut due to recoil of the mower. There may be some extreme conditions that would most likely be eleviated by momentarily slowing down. I can cut for hours and get off this machine feeling like I have energy where as before I felt beaten to death after going over the same property. Hope this machine holds up. Like I said so far so good....
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    Sound familiar? It's not jsut me. Marketing has needs to get with the times. They need better literature and a much better web site. Take a look at Scag and Exmark. Hustlers site is weak in comparision. No close up details on the machines, far away pictures with riders, there really isn't even pictures showing the strong points of a Hustler. Just specs & two pictures. That isn't enough to get buyers into a dealership.

    Many Many people don't even reconize the Hustler name. My buddies with Scag and Exmarks had never heard of a Hustler until I got one.

    Show the value of the deck bearing design with an exploded view or something, the underside of the deck, the controls on the web page. How about a comparision page for different models (or even manufactures)? What's the difference in a Super Z & Hustler Z....or a Hustler Z & Mini Z for that matter? The frame & deck design were the key selling point for my buddies buying Scag and Exmark. You can't see that detail on a Hustlers site. How about accessories? Seats, ROPS, Lights, baggers....Nothing on those. I won't dive into the parts list thing again.

    Only reason I found out about Hustler was the Exmark dealer was selling them. They don't have one of everything though. If it wasn't for finding this site I wouldn't even know about half the Hustler stuff. Marketing needs to step up the efforts big time. No one wants to dowload a 5mb pdf file either guys. Ever try that with dialup?


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