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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jon99, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Jon99

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    This is what I have spent on marketing and results from each so far....

    Sent about 1000 postcards, cost of about $300, and have landed 3 small residential accounts...

    Place a little ad in the business directory of a newspaper, $52 for 14 days, have landed one small residential..

    Placed a 13 week ad in a weekly, small town chain of papers for $142.. One commercial account, $530/month...

    $500 spent, so far about $6300 worth of annual business because of advertising and another small commercial ($30/week) commercial because of a friendship... Still hoping for better, but I am some what happy...
  2. jc50292

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    What sort of response have you had from doorhangers? Is the response on the postcards typical? What about the newspaper ads?
  3. Jon99

    Jon99 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have never done flyers and this is my first year doing postcards... Ads in newspapers is below what I have had in the past, but its still early here as most people haven't started mowing yet..

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