So hard to find good help nowdays!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Agape, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Agape

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    I put an ad for a worker on CL and got a peculiar reply from a bloke with a serious sense of entitlement.

    My ad:
    Experienced landscape worker wanted ,Part - Full time depending on ebb and flow of business.
    Must have checkable references ( COMPANY NAME, SUPERVISOR NAME, AND CONTACT PHONE# OF PREVIOUS EMPLOYER) have this available before contacting us.
    must have clean driving record, and OWN transportation to and from work
    reply to:
    any other contact is not going to reach us

    •Location: salem
    •Compensation: $9-$10
    •Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
    •Please, no phone calls about this job!
    •Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

    The reply:
    That's a lot a qualifications for 9 to 10 dollars per hour. I meet the requirements but won't work for next to nothing. Its funny how 10 years ago it was 9 to 10 dollars and yet with cost of living jumping almost 50%, people like you still think they

    YES, it stopped after "they" (idiot)

    Do any of you think my ad is "off base?
    min. wage here is $8.50/hr
  2. 93Chevy

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    You want somebody with experience but you may not have steady work year round for them? That doesn't flow well with guys like me wanting a steady job with decent pay, benefits, and room for advancement.

    You're going to have a very very hard time finding a good employee who will meet your qualifications, in my opinion.
  3. PrecisionLandscaping909

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    Get what ya pay for. Your not offering much so your not going to get much. I hope you luck out and find a good hard working college kid. Your not gonna get a good employee cheap. Just like the people in the jon market are not going to get a good paying job if they have nothing to offer.

    For $15.00 an hour I bet you could get a guy who gets twice as much done as the guy you pay $10.00 that isn't worth .01 cents an hour.
  4. Dr.NewEarth

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    I start people at 14 an hour, but our cost of living is higher up here in Lotus Land, B.C.
    They need a car, a drivers abstract and proper references too.

    I never get what I request of people on CL....

    ya, it seems they think they are entitled to send you a crap resume with no extras...
    and they get their birthday off too. Right?

    CL is full of people with problems.

    If the CL user doesn't like your ad, all they have to do is press flag and it's gone.
    CL doesn't check it. You get a computer generated message that it's been removed.
    Your competition can do the same when you're advertising for clients.

    You know, If you advertise for a resume, with a cover letter, three references, a drivers abstract and any certifications and all you get is a very basic short e-mail....
    do you really want to hire that type of person? I don't.

    They can't follow directions before they're even hired.
  5. Agape

    Agape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well, I was working a guy 35 hours a week but we were doing a lot of fliers, now I am doing bulk mailers, so that eliminates10-14 hrs/week, but it's not unlikely to get a ton of work. I don't want to promise the moon but I need someone in place for when I do get busy. Right now I am pushing the seams of what i can do myself.

    my last guy I gave a lot of extra hours to keep him busy and take care of him when we were not swamped with cleanups.

    My buddy Jim lewis starts people at $10. I don't have a crew, so no crew lead positions, but I see myself getting busy enough to keep a guy working close to full time through the winter.

    I was paying my guy 10, but another buck an hour is only $160/month more (plus workers comp. and match SS)
  6. mikemat31

    mikemat31 LawnSite Member
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    I am 16 work for a landscaper I get 10 an hour for landscaping 15 for shoveling I think its pretty fair considering before this year I had no expiernce in the lawn industry
  7. Agape

    Agape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    True, or I can waste 50% more on someone who is worthless, I don't do construction yet or I would pay more, right now it's maint. and cleanups with 1/2 of most days in the truck.
  8. grincon

    grincon LawnSite Member
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    I think 10 bucks is good starting pay for around here. That might even be kind of generous.
  9. Agape

    Agape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    thanks G!
    That's what I thought...9 to start and 10 after 30 days or the boot in the arse lol
  10. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    The bloke reminds me, and confirms my suspicions...
    But first off the price of a grass cut never went up either!
    Mulch is as cheap today as it was 10 years ago!
    Well, almost!

    There are a lot of folks I know, myself included, who have had to make sacrifice
    in order to stay afloat and in cases just to keep a job, this bloke doesn't realize...

    Every day I hear of yet another sacrifice someone made, it's never a small thing.
    We're talking one of the family members taking a 50% pay CUT so as to keep a job.
    We're talking another family member moving 100 miles away so they can accept a new position, in effect
    splitting up the family but so the bills can continue to get paid.
    We're talking parents getting rid of the dog and lying to their children about it, so the bills can keep getting paid.
    We're talking a head of household who is no longer able to do much of anything at all because
    he (or she) was wounded, I didn't ask stupid questions when I heard of it but I would assume in battle.

    The list goes on, I'm talking every day I hear about sacrifices being made, some so harsh it makes me sick to my stomach to hear about it.
    Well, almost every day, but then this guy...

    Affirms my suspicions that the folks who are unemployed are simply the people who are too proud to work for the wages
    that are being offered today, and while these wages may be meager, but does he think he's the only one?
    Folks practically give it away so they can have work!

    And we still have it good, these folks don't want me to start numbering off the sacrifices being made
    in certain third world countries, believe me, I don't even like to hear it, people are doing things that
    just bring tears to my eyes (Japanese nuclear power plant anyone?).

    Yes I realize Japan is no third world country

    A lot of folks out there are struggling.
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