So how do you drum up business?

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Loooogie, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Do you have a sales pitch where you lay it on thick? :laugh:

    Do you hit an area with flyers? The internet? Word of mouth? Repeat customers? Signs? Business cards? Customers from other landscaping ?

    Also what do think customers like to hear?
  2. brianhanson37

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    Most customers are cheap, but might willing to pay more if you stress you do better quality work than little jimmy down the street. As for me, I'm also just starting out, but I have the internet, flyers, magnetic door signs, and business cards. Out of anything you NEED business cards! Vistaprint has some pretty cheap. I just ordered 250 for 8 dollars (5.25 if you want the little ad on the back [trust me its small]). I also offer an incentive: 10% off the next cut if they refer a friend and 25% off if they refer a neighbor because it saves me from having to drive all over around town. To make yet ANOTHER incentive to call me I offer referred customers a 5% discount. Just another thing that the people referring people can throw in.

    As far as sales pitch? I try to be more personal than anything and I think customers like that. I'll walk the property with them while having a small conversation while I give them an estimate. It also helps me cover my @$$ incase they want to blame me for breaking something and yes its in the contract "I agree I have walked the property and looked over any damages that were already on the property and not a result of [company name] damaging the item"

    I guess I wouldn't call it a sales pitch, more of a very well explanation of everything I will do as well as all my polices. Saves a lot of BS later.

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