So how I'am I going to compete against people working for free

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Heck since everyone is working for free it will not be much longer before they all go out of buisness and you will be the only one left. You will then have a monopoly and can name your own price!!!!! I would be excited!!!:hammerhead:
  2. Ozz

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    A lot of training? To work on deck? I highly doubt it. I mean, how hard is it to pull levers, run a small crane, pull chains,cables, hook hooks, swivels and other qeuipment?

    And yes, I've worked on a tug. Not and AHTSV, but a tug, on the ocean, and I worked on a river tug here too.
  3. Bleed Green

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    Very good advice.
  4. stuvecorp

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    No doubt, there is money in materials! Some day I want a gravel/sand pit.
  5. farmerknowsbest

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    GR. Sell your 450, it is way too small to make money hauling aggregates. Buy a good used very heavy semi (25-35k) and then buy a good used tri-axle end dump. 35ft box. (45k) Then move to where the farms are where you can haul agriculture products. Where Ron works. All those dairy farms need trucks to haul silage back to the pits. Haul corn to the elevators, haul feed from the mill back to the farm. Haul snow, haul anything. Hauling grain is the greatest money maker out there. We paid for our semi and 40ft end dump in 1 year hauling corn. You can charge 7-12$/tonne and it only costs you 2-5$/tonne. Less if you are driving it yourself, my costs include paying an operator. Do that for a few years and you'll be laughing. The only stable industry left in North America is agriculture. Take advantage of that.

  6. punt66

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    very good advice.
  7. Bleed Green

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    and AG is going nowhere, thats job security.
  8. AEL

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    I don't understand how a guy who works a government job, lives with his parents, has a side business as a hobby , doesn't pay insurance or taxes , lives in a beautiful piece of gods country can complain, and whine and be so negative . Honestly every 3 days you make a new post about how bad your situation is . No one cares
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    Your in your 30's, live with your parents, never a woman, you should have some serious money saved. If I lived with my parents all my life, never drank, never fooled with women ect, I know damn well I would be semi retired by 40, even making modest money. So what the hell are you doing with all of it? You should be able to buy trucks with cash, and your talking about loans. Your screwing up something or there is more to the story...
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    Farmers here haul their own feed with big ass tri-axle trailers and blow the silage in with those insane Class Harvesters.

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