So how I'am I going to compete against people working for free

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jul 10, 2010.

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    There is never enough trucks to haul away from those big choppers!

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    There you go then GR there is a market for you.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Not sure what is going to happen things are worse than the recession we had in the 90s.

    My job is on the line no job is safe from the axe along with this gov't we have they want to get rid of every gov't operated jobs and privatize it out to the cheapest bidder.

    It happened to the highways dept years ago the highways maintenance was done by gov't employees the gov't put the work out for bids and large private companies do the work. School districts are seeing their funding slashed so teachers and school board employees like Janitors and maintenance dept are going to loose their jobs.

    The job I have now used to be a job you could work at for 30 years and retire with a pension the BC gov't is putting a end to that.

    And by the way I have a choice live in a tent or live in my parents basement I will take the basement. Places to rent is pretty much non existant any place that is listed for rent is a piece of crap that nobody wants to rent. I may end up paying my parents rent I guess it will be the going rate in the area of 1000 a month. The going rental rate is 1200 a month the lowest is 800 a month that doesn't include electricity.

    There is still people renting out 16 foot travel trailers for 400 a month and you live in the back yard of a person house. You crap in a outhouse and shower with a garden hose.

    Ohwell the way it goes when you live in a province that depends on natural resource sales. Logs Gravel and Fish make our economy operate and all three have been totally distroyed because of the gov't.

    If it wasn't for loggers you wouldn't have toilet paper to wipe your azz with or the paper you write on and if it wasn't for commercial fishermen you wouldn't have fresh fish to eat. People from a city like Vancouver have no clue what it takes to have the stuff they use everyday available to them. If it wasn't for the logging on coastal BC there would be no houses in Vancouver if the coastal gravel mines didn't operate there would be no sky train or pavement for the roads.
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  4. alco

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    Oh, if we could only be so lucky!

    Well, in your case, they're partially right.
  5. AI Inc

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    Ive wondered about that myself. Reading his thread yesterday Im thinking " he either has a safe full of cash , or a serious spending problem.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    I'am glad that I don't have the same problem my brother does who owns a house that there is no market for unless he takes a 100,000 dollar loss. He could buy a house because he made more money than I do not anymore. Again with the resouce industry in the toilet there is no demand for steel fabricators. He used to make easy 5 grand a month now with this recession he is lucky to make 2 grand a month. If he tries to sell his house now he will be still in debt for 150,000 dollars or more.

    Realestate has dropped there is very little market for it people are paying on houses that are worth less value.

    As for my money situation I have a steady paycheck but my take home pay isn't that great. Pumping most of it into the company pension which I have probaby 20 grand or more into. When I retire in another 30 years from now there won't be any Canada Pension or Old age pension left.

    There are many people in this area that are deep into debt some excavation contractors are 3/4s of a million in debt. Most of these guys are not making 20 grand a month to pay their bills. Equipment payments are 15 grand a month alone.
  7. punt66

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    ok, the market will recover, and it will recover stronger and your brother will be 200 - 300k ahead not 100k behind. You will still be in a basement with no investment. Your brothers loss is just on paper. Seriously, you need to invest in your life unless you just dont care. Most people get ahead through investment, good judgement and planning. Thats how my wife and i do it. I am 35, she is 32 and were on house #3. We have built our net not just from a job.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    The realestate agents don't figure the prices will be back up anytime soon this last 5 years has been the highest prices on record. House prices increased 200%.

    The banks and mortgage brokers have told me I can't qualify for a loan my income is too low they said better make more money or don't buy. Not much I can do when a 43 grand a year job isn't enough money to get a mortage. The banks are making it even tougher to qualify for a loan your minimum income now is 100 grand a year and 20% down.

    I know all about it my aunt is in the mortage business like she says tough luck.

    This isn't like the USA where banks lend money out with no problems.
  9. AEL

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    Thats a huge crock of crap. You need to make 100 grand a year and 20% down. Mabee beacause you have none or horrible credit.

    I too used to respect you, with your knowledge for trucks, tires and so on, you obviously have no knowledge of money or economics, so you should not speak about these things.

    I got bent over with debt i had from a bad partnership, and lost all of my equity but instead of crying and complaining to you guys i got down to business and did something to change my situation . Take my advice stop crying and do something . I find it hillarious how the guy who does not have a legitimate business but rather a glorified hobby can complain so much about no work and how bad it is. Seems like everyone else here is managing to still get by somehow.
  10. AEL

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    quoted from the chronicle , article posted today

    Job growth shocker: Economy sails on

    Mon. Jul 12 - 4:53 AM
    PUT away the umbrellas. The economic sky is not falling.

    Economists gloomily speculating Canada may be facing a double-dip recession had to rapidly revise those predictions late last week when the country’s robust job-growth numbers for June blew away the consensus forecasts.

    Rather than the 15,000 or fewer new jobs expected last month, more than 93,000 were created, the second biggest monthly gain ever. June’s unexpectedly strong job creation means that Canada — since last July — has replaced nearly all the 417,000 jobs lost during the recession.

    The news sent the loonie surging against the U.S. greenback and, experts say, made an interest rate hike by the Bank of Canada later this month a near certainty.

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