So how I'am I going to compete against people working for free

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Hey bearmtnmartin. If you ever could use a spider excavator for one of those jobs where you couldn't get another machine, give me a shout. I live in Victoria near the ferries and can be there in a few hours.
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    does anybody no what this ultra stress government job is that he works is? theres prenty of work in this province theres places that have it way worse than us, move off of the sunshine coast, go to work and grow up
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    And now the rules for a legal septic feild are being relaxed, now a home owner can legally install their own system as long as they hire an engineer to sign off on it and take lots of pictures of how it was put in, and also make sure it's further than "XXX" amount of distance from wells and other water sources, but no more hiring people with BCOSSA tickets and $30,000+ treatment feilds. Good news for the smaller guys like me!
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    Talking with another employee said wait till next year if the economy picks up then start looking.

    One of the septic contractors here rolled his excavator working on a jobsite digging a septic tank hole it required blasting a hole for the septic tank and the trench to the tank. You can't use a rubber tired backhoe on 90% of the septic jobs. A excavator no bigger than 9 ton is used because you are in cramped areas plus your crawling the machine down decent slopes or up slopes. Most septics you have to pump the water to the field one place the field is 1000 feet away from the septic tank.

    The last septic job I worked on which I mentioned before we used 3 pallets of infilterators I think there was over 200 infiltrators I didn't count them. The septic tank holds over 15,000 gallons (imperial).

    A couple of the contractors here have put in septic systems that are 150,000 dollars there is 50,000 dollars just in parts on some of these drain fields.

    Now people are going with the peat moss system because they have no place for a leech field. When you have a bald rock with no dirt or soil on it you need to use a peat moss system or haul in 300 ton of gravel to make a raised bed field.
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    Same thing that we do for septics in Northern Ontario.
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    That hasn't really changed much. You could always put your own system in if an engineer supervised. The trouble is that they charge 3000 plus for the privlege. And I would guess an AP like me either would say forget it-why should I sign off on someone elses work?- or charge like an engineer.
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    god your threads get confusing bounce all over the place , u started with hauling gravel in your 450 doesnt pay , to now septics ........

    hey so whats this gov't job pay , whats your salary ?????
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    He said $32 an hour... And he complains?:dizzy::hammerhead::confused::wall:realmad:
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    And he said he only has 20k in retirement. I would really love to see this guy's budget, must blow alot off coin. First thing he needs to do is sell that stupid 450 and get a regular truck and realize you cant have a side buissnes with a pick up. What he wants to do is what the crack heads and drunks do around here for money, haul brush and junk for people. Sell the truck and save your money GR you will get farther ahead
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    if i lived in moms basement i could literaly save 5-7g a month.

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