So how long really?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tilly, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. tilly

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    I know just from reading the past post (in the search area),that this is a dreaded subject but I'm going to ask anyway. I know that many things such as stone placement,rough terrain,hills,etc. can change mowing times dramaticaly, but just how long does it take to mow 1 acre of cemetary (full of aligned stones)????????
    Note I will be using a 61" great dane.
  2. bob

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    Without acually seeing the property, its hard to give an estimate. Especially a cemetary.
  3. zipp669

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    1 hour, give or take , this is just guess but possibly close. no trimming
  4. Esby

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    Its so hard to say, with all alligned stones, it could be alrgiht. This is what I would do, take some measurments between the stones and see how many passes you will have to make and stuff like that. Are you going to double cut it so you never have to turn around a stone, it makes it go a little faster. I would just use your best judgement. Good luck.
  5. VLM

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    I've never been able to make a profit on a cemetery. I did an estimate for one a few yrs ago that was about 5 acres. This old guy had been doing it for the church for free for about 20 yrs. I didn't even bother giving the estimate, they probably would have passed out or had a heart attack. The problem is not the mowing it's all the weedeating! Hundreds of headstones, fences (inside and out), tons of trees and bushes, curbs, sidewalks. Also, people leave flowers and momentos on the graves, these all have to be picked up before you mow. Be careful, good luck.
  6. TJLC

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    Isn't this kind of a DEAD subject? LOL

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