So how much to charge? xD


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Oh I know I'm not getting out of this one easy but here goes...

25 lawn bags full of yard debris, mostly sticks but 4 or so bags were small and heavy due to they had gravel.
Took 15 minutes to load them, filled my 6x12 trailer up to the sides.

A 7 mile drive.
And 30 minutes to unload due to separating plastic bags from organic debris.

I'm at $45

Part of me wants to just come up with a simple formula, like $2 / bag...?
Granted that comes to $50 but does anyone haul bagged yard debris via a per bag charge?


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I never do bags, if i do it's only a few, and then i give them to my trash guy. How much does it cost to dump? A trucked around here is $8 or around $8 a yard. I would charge based on your dump charge and time. Probably close to 10 mins drive time. 10mins+45mins to load/unload=55mins. $45 seems fair because it's easy work, figure in gas cost based on mpg. If a dump charge for that is $24, then is making $21 that good for an hour or work? Not in my book.

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