So I bought a machine I can not run or transport..

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrusk, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. mrusk

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    Long story short, I recently bought a pc150. Acctually it was yesterday. I can not personally run it and do not have a way to transport it. Luckily, I hire the right people and have someone to run it. In the immediate future it will be used on my landscape jobs and will only be moved once every two months so I will not be hit to hard on trucking fees.

    Its a older machine with a little under 6k hours on it. I bought it off the guy who was doing all my excavation work. He owned it since new and it was well maintained. Its a affordable way for me to #1 complete my own jobs in short time frames and #2 enter the excavation feild affordably with no payments.

    I am looking to hire a operator in a few months and buy and truck and start doing strictly excavation jobs.

    Anyways I know these threads are useless without pics, so I attached 2.

    day4 003 [%P].JPG

    day4 014 [%P].JPG
  2. Mickhippy

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    Over here, they charge the customer to have excavators etc floated into new jobs. This is standard! Means they dont need the large truck to transport heavy equipment around. basically $250 for transport to start plus hourly rate!
  3. shovelracer

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    Why cant you run it yourself. I see a lot of excavators running solo, other than one or two cheap laborers to carry and fit pipe etc.
  4. mrusk

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    Lack the skill. And i have better things to do then sit in a machine all day. Its hard to run a business from the seat of a machine.

    Can you guess the road I am working on shovel racer?
  5. Lawnworks

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    .............How much?
  6. DBL

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    hiring a guy may be the best thing for you but you should learn to run it in case he gets sick one day or leaves and your stuck in the middle of a job
  7. shovelracer

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    I have a pretty good idea cause are only a few places they set the houses back that far. How bout another pic. triple crown.
  8. P.Services

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    that silt fence at the top of the hill is really doing a lot!!!
  9. PerfectEarth

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    I don't know your business, but I have never seen an excavator that large on a LANDSCAPE or hardscape job... You think you're gonna use it that much?
  10. P.Services

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    big jobs need big machines, ive seen a pc400 on a landscape job. big rocks big walls big ponds big.....

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