So... I got it narrowed to the John Deere Quick Trak 648m, or the V-Ride 2/48

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JaekayDesign, Nov 19, 2017.

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    it seems the prices on them are about the same, in not.. the Deere might be a lil bit cheaper. The Pros to the Deere would be a lower price(maybe), they cut really good and I have heard good things about them. They have it stated on their website, and they advertise no downtime and free loaner machines. Now, I do agree they might have 4 loaners and I could be the 5th guy to show up.. I understand that.. but still.. that is good.. and they advertise that they try to keep everything in stock , and if it doesn’t get there the next day.. it’s free. I do see guys either running 900 series Deere machines, or turf tigers around here. The cons... might not be as good a machine as the SCAG, might not cut quite as good(though I do hear good things about those Deere decks) and I hear the service and staff can be a bit awkward to deal with.
    The V-ride 2, bigger tires, bigger gas tank, might be a better built machine.. more expensive yes has more features.. the downside is my dealer, and no telling how long downtime could be.. a week.. two weeks.. who knows, and he could care less. And def no loaners, and def no 24 hour part delivery/or its free type deal..
    Though.., I don’t hear of SCAG’s in the shop much other than belts breaking.. and that’s nothing more than keeping 4-5 belts around for each size.. and a socket set handy to adjust the tension pulley.
    I’m also worried about the Deere handling hills as good as the V-ride due to the tires.. and I would have to make wedge ramps to hop curbs.. where as the v2 has big tires and can hop up.. or down. Good for clearing trailer gates too.. (even though I see a dovetail in my future)
  2. JaekayDesign

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    The Ag-Pro in CONYERS, GA has the 648R listed at $8.324... that’s a really good price. Besides a lil bit bigger back tire.. what makes the R models about 1k more than the M models. Same engine, same deck.. I’m guessing same frame. I did notice the R went faster.. so I’m guessing a bigger hydro system.. but what else am I’m missing.?
    The service and no down time/loaner/or rent a machine is really enticing... very! And they seem to cut almost as good as the SCAG.. and at that speed.. double cut if I got to ..
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    Deere has been around since god made dirt.
    Their reputation for quality is/will be every bit as good as scag.
    Ive never heard of a deere "falling apart"

    Deere has been in the business of making stand on mowers longer than anyone else except wright, who makes most of the machine for them still (unless Im mistaken)

    one of the NICE things about deere is the warranty the WHOLE machine, they don't say "oh thats a kawasaki problem talk to kawasaki"...NO thats OTHER brands, they warranty and deal with the WHOLE machine.

    That no down time issue varies from dealer to dealer, not ALL dealers are opted in.
    Go down to your deere dealer and talk to them, ask questions etc.
    you'll get all the answers you need, and probably more.
    If they're a BIG dealer, they are probably going to be the best thing you've ever experienced.
    IF they're a small mom and pop shop they might not be fully up to speed.

    GET OFF the internet and go down and see them, if they are still that impressive buy a deere since your scag dealer sucks so much,
    You're giving too much credit to big tires on the scag, its not going to be that much different.

    I still really like the idea of the MOD deck, but ridin green would make fun of me if I bought one.
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    The ag-pro here is about mid size. They aren’t too big, but you are right.. I need to go down there and ask them. If I bought the machine in Conyers are they still gonna be able to honor the no down time thing here n Macon ? They don’t have a huge fleet... so .. I’m not sure.. either way .. the part will be there in 24 hours either way ... and if need be.. I can put it on my self. I have all the tools those guys do,and I’m gettimg more, and I have worked on all sorts of machines for a long time. Sure, some things I’ll need to get done at another shop or send it in to the dealer.. but a lot I can do my self. I even got a welder and access to milking machines/lathes if I need to. It seems the “listed” price for the Deere’s is a lot higher than what you can get them for. They have an e-marketing site where you can get stuff online .. and it takes 10% off.. That’s $800.
  5. JaekayDesign

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    If I can get the SCAG for 7,750 I’ll prob go with it.. my buddy who has 2 SCAG’s said he doesn’t have any problems with the dealer and another friend, all he ran was SCAG’s.. we ran a 36 belter to death then he got turf tigers when he got smart.
    But, I’m gonna go visit the Deere Dealer and feel them out and talk turkey.. see what they can do.. if they are lame.. I’m gonna go with the SCAG I reckon
  6. C&C Landscaping

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    Had a deer quick track with the 7iron deck. Great machine and a better cut than what I replaced it with. I could no longer stand on the quick track all day, moved to a super z
  7. springfield_pest

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    The ag pro in jasper seemed clueless when I was looking for a mower. They only had ztr and only a few of them. They did not even know they made a walk behind.
  8. TPendagast

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    THIS is common.
    Deere dealers are not all the same, you probably found a "tractor" dealer.

    Heres the clue.... look around you, if so see a couple big dogs running a green fleet of mowers, chances are your dealer is going to be up to speed and running the "no down time" gig.
    If you don't really see much, why would the dealer be all boned up?
    Hes probably selling tractors.
  9. TPendagast

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    Ag-pro is probably the wrong place to be doing business for what you want.
    You want a dealer thats a mower dealer.
    Not distracted by customers trying to by chicks for laying eggs and feed for their goats.

    At Deere the now down time deal is only good at the dealer you bought it from and only a dealer that has opted in, and ONLY for as long as you mower is under warranty.

    So you need to find a deere dealer who has and moves a lot of commercial mowers or you won't find what you're looking for.
  10. springfield_pest

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    I don't think this one sells much more than ztr to homeowners. They have a few tractors but the kubota dealer 1/4 mile away sells everything but mowers. The only new tractors I see around the house are of the non-green persuasion.

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