So I got my site to the 2nd page on yahoo and bing

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LawnsharkMB, Jan 12, 2014.

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    Even though Google is making strides to lessen the importance of domain names have on organic rankings, it still matters. Sometimes it matters a lot.

    In a different industry, I picked an exact match domain for the most searched term in my area. The equivalent in this industry would have been "lawn care springfield IL." Within two weeks I had the top organic placement on Yahoo, Bing, and 2nd page of Google.

    After a few more weeks of link building, content writing, etc., I'm now fifth organically on the 1st page of Google (outside of the local six pack as I don't want to rank there for certain reasons).

    So to summarize, even though it is becoming less important, exact match domain names still do alter rankings (especially on Bing and Yahoo which account for around 18% of search traffic from what I've read).
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    I took a look at your website, you need a lot more content on the home page and other pages.

    On the home page try adding keywords which are relevant to your business. Bold those keywords and also underline some of them .

    Add a page or description of areas you cover. use as many as you can, including small towns.

    The most important thing you need is relative backlinks. 95% of google search results is based on the popularity of the website. Who is linking to it.

    Use anchor texts to build links... this is a anchor text Don't over do your anchor texts, use different keywords all the time. Also use visit my site as a anchor text.

    Once you start ranking well in google, yahoo/bing will follow. Most likely higher results.

    Links - Links - Links Go and build some...
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    Just looks like SEO basics to me. ONSITE- Title is too long, no image tags, H1 is your company name (may have better success if it is your keywords), thin content, generic header links, footer is under utilized. OFFSITE- Have you claimed and filled out all the major local directories? Yelp, Houzz, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, G+ Local, etc are all pretty easy to claim.

    Besides the resources above, run your site through this tool and then analyze the advice:
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    not to highjack this thread, but im also intrigued as to how to increase our ranking, is our websight. I created most of it but am no websight designer

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