So I Killed Myself For Nothing

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by adam.neusbaum, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. cpllawncare

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    Dave Ramsey is making a killing off of common sense! It's not magic! spend less than you make, be smart with credit,unfortunately most woman can't seem to grasp the concept, therefore they end up in divorce court mad at the man for ditching them cause he refuses to be the cash cow for her. Same story virtually every time.
  2. Will P.C.

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    Big Dave Ramsey fan myself, but you are dead on about him using common sense. I think what has made him so popular is he is able to explain things so that a third grader would understand them.
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    I don't need too, but it sounds like this young man's wife may need to. I started listening to Dave over 15 years ago on Sirus radio when it first came about. I bought one of his books for a couple of dollars at a garage sale, so I personally do not think I contributed too much to his well being. I will say that his advise reflected that of my grandfather, who as it be has accumulated a small fortune while being a farmer with a 8th grade education.
  4. cpllawncare

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    I learned to have the "Financial talk" BEFORE entering into any serious relationship, if there are disagreements at that point you've lost nothing by saying BYE BYE! Most people don't communicate or work as a team about money matters and it almost always ends up in disaster, and if they do talk it's usually the woman saying she wants to spend however she wants and not have someone dictate how she spends the money that you both work to have. For some of the young guys on here that have a business built up even a little,BEWARE! They WILL take it!
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    I just traded in my truck for a different one and needed some assistance from my credit union and a few days later my wife got a letter from the credit union letting her know that I took out the loan. Good thing I told her about it. I think it is good that they do that but credit cards never will unless gov. forces them to and they should. Only married 3 yrs and yeah a lot of give and take and things go from great to good to bad and back to great just make sure you are ALWAYS trying to do your part to make things better not worse.
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    Three months have passed & things seem to be a whole lot better. I completely confiscated all credit cards & now give her a weekly cash allotment to cover any "wants". With busy season here I've managed to pay off & pay down several.
    Thanks guys-
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    your a good man i hope she appreciates u

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