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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MDLawn, Jun 15, 2011.

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    So I have a 48" Exmark Turf Tracer HP and recently put some high lift blades on it. I've been using mulchers for the longest time as I thought they were great and they help so much in the fall. So I fire that beast up engage the blades and had to look around as I thought a helicopter was landing or that my mower had become one and wanted to fly away :laugh::laugh:

    Man that thing mowed like a champ today! I mean the grass isn't growing like crazy like it was in the spring, but I was mowing at 4-5 on the ECS and not missing anything! I'm not sure the lift of the blades that came with the mower and the mulchers obviously let air through. I feel like a moron not having used these sooner!!:dizzy::hammerhead: Definitely picks up those lazy blades of grass better. The only downside was that it shot the grass out the chute about 15-20 feet and around some landscaping that becomes problematic or just extra work of blowing the beds out. These blades stay on until the fall!

    Just my little story from today. See ya!
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    The high lift blades do throw the clippings a lot farther. I need to get at least three passes on the perimeter (15') before I start mowing the other way. Watch it when you cut wet grass-it goes even farther. I've used doubles before with one high lift and one mulching. It creates even more airflow. Have fun.
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    Were the high lifts Exmark?
  4. Glenn Lawn Care

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    They are nice, but they take up alot of power!
  5. MDLawn

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    Oregon from expressmowerparts
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    I'll hopefully remember that!!
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  7. MDLawn

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    How so? Just curious.

    I've never been able to mow faster (speed wise) and not leave any stragglers.
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    haha i recently did the same thing. i will put my gator mulching high-lifts on when the leaves start falling but never again will i use them for regular mowing. the stock high lifts for my mower work so well and make the lawn look great. what i found is that the mulching blades weigh alot more than the basic high i think the weight causes them to move slower when turning on the mower which results in a poor cut.
  9. mowerbrad

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    High lifts use more power from your mower because they have more wind drag. Have you noticed how the sail/flute/curvy part (whatever you want to call it) on the blade is larger and much steeper than other types of blades? Because of this, it moves more air, creating more air resistance on the blades which causes them to draw more power from your mower to keep them spinning at the typical speed.

    Weight has nothing to do with how fast they spin or the quality of cut, more how much power they require to keep them spinning at that speed. Its all about air resistance. Blades will spin at the same speed no matter if you have high lifts or mulching blades installed on the mower. If certain blades spun slower, you would notice that your engine is constantly bogged down and never reaches full throttles.

    Higher lift blades cause more of a vacuum effect under the deck, causing a greater lift on the grass, pulling it up into the deck and allowing you to mow at faster speeds.
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    Mulching blades have a longer edge than high lifts , they are seriously like a centimeter away from spindle hole! They cut great,and I also notice the high lifts take more power too!
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