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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Tri-City Outdoors, Jun 21, 2013.

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    While looking for a crew leader we have came across some interesting perspectives.

    Like asking for 40k salary, company phone and vehicle for personal use with out ever having any certifications, licensees or schooling of any kind.

    One wanted a office. I just responded your office is Ms. Jones backyard and your dash board.

    The good old "I have lot of experience". Well in our opinion experience is not 7 different employers of the last ten years. All but the last unable to be verified.

    Or "You do not need a licensee to fertilize and spray round up" Your right it is a certification.

    My personal favorite "Mowing grass is not a skilled labor" Then how are you going to run a crew of labors that are more "skilled" than you are?

    Really the applicants with a great worldly view is general labors.

    Must have a clean & Valid DL and your own reliable vehicle to use to and from the shop:
    -"My grandma can give me rides"
    -"I can get a DL with my 1st check"
    -"I'm in the process of clearing up a DUI "

    The list goes on. Dose anyone have some good advice on questions or qualification to ask Or maybe a better way to weed out the undesirables.
    I'm figuring out that getting the right employees is like getting the right costumers. The way you present things can make a big difference on the quality.
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    People have come to underestimate the old fashioned resume. When I was looking for prospective employees I posted an ad on CL (hear me out). I listed no phone number. I stated the job and its expectations in great detail. The last line, I requested a complete, up to date resume be attatched. A simple request from my generation. That tells me they can at least read and comprehend and follow simple direction. Then my next step was to verify the info. Simple background service software. This establishes honesty. There are simply some things I need to know about a man before I even meet him. The next step is an invitation to the shop. I tell wear jeans and a tee. I give them different pieces of gear to start and use. If they have no experience I show them and see if they can follow. I can make a willing individual into a productive team member. 20 years of taking kids and making soldiers has served me well in this industry. Its all same. Instead of rifles its trimmers and edgers. The team approach to achieve an objective never changes.
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  3. ztman

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    Good suggestions Patriot---Now drop and give me 25
  4. Patriot Services

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    I still do 50 pu, 50 su and 6:40 mile every morning. Just to get my head right.
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  5. gregory

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    I think patriot nailed it... good luck.. there are some winners out there thats for sure..atleast that will weed out alot of them for you..
  6. GreenUtah

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    Is there a reason you're not looking to fill crew leads from your crews themselves? I always like providing a path for advancement internally for my people. It promotes loyalty and engagement in the job that they have, knowing there is potential reward for doing well and putting forth effort.

    That said, I agree with Patriots theme, sift them all, look for those who show some basic promise and develop them into the guy or gal you need them to be. It's more work upfront, but less in the long term as they work the way you need them to be, without someone else's crap habits or methods that need to be "untrained". Paired with opportunity for advancement, you keep them longer, which makes them less work for you as a manager in the long term.

    I also like incentives for my people to do the recruiting. A little extra for them to scout people (tha are hired and stick, say at the 2 or 3 month mark) that they would work with, knowing that person will likely land on their crew and could make their life better or worse. You'd be surprised at how vetted some of those candidates can be long before their name ever hits your desk in that scenario.
  7. goel

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    We always post on a similar site to CL here. Only accept email responses, with resume attached. Anyone that seems decent we then call. If they make it thru the call then I meet them for an interview. If that goes ok, we then walk outside and go for a test drive in my truck. General labor are the only ones that do not get the test drive. You can tell a lot by how a person drives if they are going to be running equipment.
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  8. Tri-City Outdoors

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    I like it great advise.
  9. Tri-City Outdoors

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    Well long story but Firmly believe in promoting from with in. Had two crews 1 maintenance and 1 installs. I took some time of off work to welcome a new child into the world. While I was off the maintenance crew Thought it would be a good time to "skip" as much work as possible but have crazy hour on the clock. So I let the whole crew go. I have my landscape/paver crew leader running maintenance and I'm doing his job.
  10. Tri-City Outdoors

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    I'll try the test drive idea. Makes a lot of sense.

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