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I think you missed the part about the subbing. Thats not going to happen. You see I invested a lot of money years back to get my license. I have worked my butt off to get some very nice accounts. I am at the point where I can actually feel comfortable offering my services to people that I dont have other business with. Ive had very little help from others in the learning process, and no one to teach me the right way. So after 5 years I actually feel that I know what Im doing, and should I get a machine I will seek additional work since the profit margin is higher than the regular maintenance services. The last thing I will be doing is calling one of my competitiors to show up in their truck making it well known that I cant handle a certain situation.

I aim to fix this situation the right way. I wont be fabbing anything up cause I just dont have the time. I wont be giving up 2-3 days to spray with what I have since the lost money could buy the used rider. Im looking for suggestions on buying my first real piece of application equipment, not suggestions for subbing or time estimating. I realize I have to invest that is why Im asking what to look for. Oh and no reason to YELL!

Got any constructive comments?
my bad, just trying to get a feeler'. most people in here do not know what they are doing and are unwilling to learn for themselves. call it the silver spoon theory
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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