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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by summitgroundskeeping, Mar 1, 2002.

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    Up here in NW Indiana your season starts around mid to late April and I do fliers right about now. Problem is that it's finially snowing and people are not thinking about lawn and grounds maintance. This past weekend we got 6' of snow and ice and this weekend we're supposed to get another 6"-9" of snow. I wanna advertise not plow!
    Just felt like venting.
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    Stay heated up over it and you might could melt some of that snow. :D
  3. Heavenly Green

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    Same for me except it didnt stick to pavement and tommorro were getting 1to2 but switching over to rain means melting. So I dont even want to hear about your sad sad dilema. At least your going to make some money. I cant advertize or plow so there!

    A foot of snow to the north of me and a foot in chicago but nothing here. This is the 5th lightest winter in mich. history and my 1st winter in bizz. So just when you think your situation sucks remember it could be alot worse. Im just thankfull Ive got my health. Have fun plowing! and theres still plenty of time to put flyers out . Most residential dont even call a service till it need to be cut anyway.

    Steve@S&S Heavenly Green Lawns:angry: :blob2: :cry: :mad: :(
  4. The ones who are truely interested will bite.

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