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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Callahan's Lawn Services, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Here I am sitting through transition classes about to be released from the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge at the end of the year, the thought working for someone else is almost frightening. I see other people here worrying about how to secure their future for their self and family. I see this and I get this overwhelming drive to do everything I can to succeed in this industry. Some call it motivation but man this has really opened up my eyes that most people have waited till the last of their active duty and have no backup plan in place. I just want to thank all of you for the helpful advice and encouragement. I'm glad that I beleive that I'm on the right track so far and its directly from researching topics on this site.
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    First off, thank you, for your service.

    I transitioned from my MOS right into the civilian sector, doing the same thing. It provided a living, with some enjoyment. Though, my efforts seemed unappreciated, as every employer wanted more. It's only now, going self-employed, do I have a true sense of accomplishment. My efforts are for my own person. Also, I run my veteran license plate, as a display of pride in my service. I appreciate the positive comments from those who notice.
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    Thankyou for your service, and BTW, your a Marine, which means your a self starter amoung other things and your also planning ahead. I have never met anyone just out of the Military that was not, but more so with your branch of service. I wish you the best and keep on plugging and keep your powder dry.......!
    easy-lift guy
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    OOOOO Rah, former 0352 Anti Tank Missleman here bro, your on the right track.
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    Are you sure you want to get out and jump into this full time? The security of that guaranteed check and benefits is what kept me in for 20 and doing this on the side. Best of luck to you troop.
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    If I hadn't got hurt I would have been a "lifer". You can't beat the check and your still young after the20 years you put in. I would be retiring in 4 more years with full benefits if things would have went well. And I would also be in much better shape, well maybe idk my unit was the first to go into hostile in the Iraq conflict. But man those benefits are outstanding.
  7. Callahan's Lawn Services

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    Hey thanks guys, I was planning on staying in but plans change and so did my beloved Corps, its just not the same as it used to be. These green guys hitting the fleet are just a completly different breed. This is my first season operating my company and I find myself turning work down because I don't have the time to perform it. I am at a point where I just want to be my own structure system and have something that my children can possibly take advantage of when I'm too old and brittle to work. I've been doing very well this year and the majority of my success, I give credit to all of your posts on here.
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    No #$!t...

    I'm ETSing within 3 months also. I started doing yards on the side last year. I started doing this "on the side" with just a 28 year old Murray 36" rider and a Craftsman weedwhacker. Now I have a 52" Snapper, a 21" Honda, a edger and the same Craftsman weeedwhacker.

    The whole "20 year security blanket" sounds good to most people but the opportunity cost of staying in that long as apposed to getting out and earning for your self is something hardly anybody ever truly considers. The real cutoff to earning is actually 17 1/2 years. If you are a real earner, then you need to get out and make a living on your own. You will earn more than 1/2 pay retirement pay will pay you, even if you are in the service up to 17 years. Once you get to 17 1/2 you are so close that you might as well just suck it up and stay in to get the pension. It only took me 8 years to realize this, so after 9 1/2 years(when I ets as a CW2 Army Aviator), I'll be a self paid sole proprietorship, progressing towards LLC soon (I just don't want to spend the $200 to get it done yet). I did take complete advantage of the TSP and self investing, and just bought my house last month.

    I hope and wish for you the best.
    Semper Fi.
  9. Callahan's Lawn Services

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    Jasonhc73, this is exactly what I am talking about. Granted I started out with a 6x10 enclosed trailer with a push mower and weed eater from wally world, I saw the potential within my first month and went and snagged a new exmark pioneer and some used redmax handhelds. Everything I am working towards while I am still active duty is pay off ALL of my equipment, so far I owe 2500 on my mower and 600 on my brand new 8x20 enclosed I just bought. The thing is most people want to stay in the military just for the paycheck and benefits. Those are the individuals that I feel has 0 ambition to get out there in the real world and bust their but to make their mark. I, myself have planned this over the course of 12 months and have met with a very good CPA and fellow entrepreneurs. Without this information it would be easy for me to stray from my plan and make detrimental mistakes which could ultimately cost me my business. I am so excited about investing more time into my business to nurse it to where I want to be.
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    There are a lot of 'em like that. I, once, had a squad leader who was an E5, with 15 years in. I made E4(P), in 15 months. There's definitely a difference, in people.

    As a side note, I wish I could've gotten a longer trailer, like yours. But, I only had so much money and didn't want to finance. And, my shop sits perpendicular to my driveway, so I can't get a tandem into it. I bought a 7'X12' with 6" frame rails. I can still get both ZTRs in with a 20" sitting on the deck plate of one, but, it's heavy on the single axle. I put on 10-ply tires, to get some tire security. The 6-ply were really squatting. :laugh:

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