So these are the days we live in

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Showpropserv, May 12, 2011.

  1. Showpropserv

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    All right so some where between a week and 10 days some ahole busted the trailer locks off the company i work for enclosed trailer and im mean the whole damn holders for the closing arms. Now the good news all that was in there to steal was a few ratchet straps and they didnt seem to interested in them:laugh: All I can say is Thank god for us not using it until today. Also yesterday on a sod job walking back to the truck some ahole neighbor decided to steal 2 rolls of sod and see him walking off. Follow him and am like WTF are you doing you best bring them back to where you found them or im calling the cops you piece of ****, and this guy is about 45 years old. Go buy your own you dick oh and yes my boss doesnt care about the language he absolutely hates thieves cheats and liars.
  2. Lurch01

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    I am glad there was some good news there. I thought it would be the 5 oclock news. Glad you were lucky
  3. mayorofperryville

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    ha ha turf bandit thats funny!! I would send the cheap P**** a bill for having to follow him.
  4. Heavyduty1

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    Yep, it's getting bad in my town too. We only have five pages to our local newspaper but 1 page is all crime (list of breakins and arrest).:hammerhead:

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    someone stole my order of business cards and lawn signs off my front porch. UPS left them there! Luckily the print company sent me another order for free.

    I wonder what the jack ass is doing with my cards? When you realized it was junk to anyone else but me, why wouldnt you just put it back?
  6. mayorofperryville

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    Now they will show up at a public park or roadside dump site. I would keep any receipts and call the cops just to report it so i wouldn't get a ticket for littering.

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