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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dmaxcc6spd, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    here even the county mowers do it.
  2. Mikegyver

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    Thats exactly how I feel. We don't let our mowers discharge into the street if possible. Also, we try to keep from blowing the clippings into the street with our blowers. But, our lives are much more important than a few clippings on the street. Workers in many trades get killed every year by careless drivers. Its just not worth it.
  3. BckYrdLmbrJk

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    I got a 4mm corneal abrasion a little over a year ago digging up sod (if it was on video, yes I'd probably look like an idiot) and boyyyy did that hurt...and then it snowed and I had to go out and plow that week, with an eye patch on. One of my customers at the time only had one eye and he had a thing or two to tell me about wearing safety goggles. Often times I still don't, especially with a chainsaw, but I found some dewalt safety glasses at Lowes that are pretty comfortable and stay on your head (even when you run or bend down) so I'm going to try making more of a habit of wearing them. $15 bucks! And I got a pair that doubles as coool sunglasses too!
  4. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    1. On the issue of blowing clippings into the street: On a busy street there's no choice. Residential area though, you can't fight the wind and I just blow that direction, aiming for the yard if possible and if no debris is mixed in.

    2. On the issue of eyewear: I wear protective eyewear 100% of the time. If I didn't I'd have lost both eyes years ago. Everything from debris while trimming to walking into tree branches.
  5. JimsLocalLawn

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    I saw a guy wearing all the proper protection the other day. He had earplugs on (the kind you wear at a gun range), protective eyewear (big yellow glasses), reflective vest (BRIGHT yellow), breathing protection (doctor mask)..... He looked like something off a horror movie!

    Seriously scary! The lawn behind him could be on fire and he wouldn't of heard it, seen it, or smelt it! But he was safe! OSHA approved!

    I did have a chum who was trimming near a road hit my truck with a rock. No damage but I did stop and tell him about it. Guess what, NO insurance! This hack was mowing a commercial property too! Go figure...
  6. IES

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    I'm with you on this one too many idiot drivers to risk it over clippings
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  7. herler

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    I love it, no need for OSHA or getting all bent out of shape or any of that.

    Have any cracked windshields you need replaced?
  8. rickpilgrim

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    There's a Mc Donalds we take care of, 18' wide by 148' strip of sloped lawn next to busy 45mph 4 lane rd, shub bed on other side. Mc D's will not pay the extra $2.50 for bagging so we go round and round blowing the clippings in but on the last pass you do get clippings in the street/gutter.
    I have instructed the crew to backpack blow the clippings into the road as 1-I will not have my crew "playing" in the street with 50 mph cars and trucks and 2- those 50 mph cars and trucks do a really good job of dispesing the clippings.
    that is the 1 and only place however that you will see R&L Yard Care do that as it does look bad.
  9. Ridin' Green

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    There's a huge LCO here that got fined for blowing their clippings into the highway/gutter along the ROW at the airport. This is lsuh, well watered turf, so there's lots of clippings. They were washing into the storm drains when it rained plugging them up, and it cost a lot of bucks to clean them out. Guess who paid for that in the end?
  10. JCLawn and more

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    I do one gas station lawn that is like playing Russian roulette. There are 3 strips of grass on all corners of the property about 10ft wide. One side is a micky d's, another a laundromat, the gas station in the middle then the street side which is 45mph and a steady stream of cars. No matter where you point the mower your always pointing at a car, I finally lost last year after 3 years of mowing it.

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