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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MadderMax, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. MadderMax

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    Long story short, my husband and I recently inherited a pretty big lawn care business (13 workers, 2 office people) after the untimely passing of his brother. He's getting the business side of things in order and I'm handling the office. So far, it's holding together better than we expected. (fingers crossed)

    Anyway, I keep reading about something that has me pretty worried. I see that people are winning all these multi-million dollar law suits because they got cancer from roundup (

    Are we giving our workers cancer? Are they going to sue us? Glyphosate seems to be the best AND cheapest thing available so our manager says we have to use it. I just want to make sure we're not making a mistake.

    Is this something you all worry about? Any alternatives you can recommend? Am I just overthinking this? A couple of our guys were joking about joining these law suits to get rich. I know it's a joke, I just worry.
  2. weeze

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    don't worry about it too much. i'm sure in a few years the whole "gly scare" thing will die down and fade away.
  3. Trees Too

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    It's not about the lawn companies using the product, it about the manufacturer that actually makes the product.

    Similar situation to all these asbestos exposure lawsuits going on.
  4. OP

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    Thank you. That's comforting to hear. We just got really freaked out hearing people joke about the law suits and seeing millions of dollars being handed out.
  5. hackitdown

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    Make sure that your liability insurance is current. Make sure it covers your entire net worth, plus extra. Then buy an umbrella policy. If the company is not incorporated, then do it. Supply PPE to all employees. Be strict regarding the proper use of PPE. No shortcuts.
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    Well keep in mind anyone can sue anyone these days. I mean people are suing gun makes for their relative being shot by someone. Seriously I know..It is about as dumb as you can get.

    But, just provide all the proper PPE according to what is recommended for any pesticide or chemical, and make employees sign off that they have been provided and will wear PPE at all times when handling or using chemicals. That is a good first step. Second, even if it causes cancer, it would take years and years. Most employees stick around for a year or 2 anyway. So, if someone gets cancer in 20 years, God only knows what they have gotten into during their life to cause it. Just obey all the guidelines and you should be fine.
  7. OP

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    That's what has me freaked out. Our employees are looking at that link above ( and some others about how people aren't just suing, they're WINNING all these millions because they got cancer from roundup. Even if it's not true, judges are apparently believing it.

    But thanks for the heads up about having them sign that we give them proper safety gear. That's a really good idea.
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  8. Wolfgang

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    I would ensure everyone using the product is properly trained and uses ppe (personal protection equipment). Here where we are the ppe is extensive and effectively creates a total barrier between the user and the product. I would also rigorously enforce this. We keep records of usage where used and how much. if there is a issue with the Glyphosate then the more information and diligence you have to show the better. We have to all above in our country to keep our Professional User licence and can be audited randomly at any time.
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  9. JMK26

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    Use protection like said....BUT they're not really winning millions. Millions are being awarded, but divide it by everyone in the class action suit and AFTER paying all the law firms they're getting peanuts.

    I called the commercial for ear plugs used in Iraq between such and such a year....talked to someone for a my free consultation....They didn't like me asking how much their law firm was going to get and how much all the law firms they subcontracted were going to get....these class action suits are a scam by lawyers pure and simple..
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  10. jcollett83

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    Switch to Glufusinate and mix with sureguard. Who is currently holding the pesticide license for the company now?

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