So what kind of work should of go after with my new machine....

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrusk, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. mrusk

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    So now I have a pc150 and a cat 246b. While my machines are used almost soley for my own jobs, I'd like to seek out some strickly excavation jobs. I did a big clearing job last summer and it was nice to have a change of pace.

    Is there any money doing excavation work for homeowners? Or is the money dealing with builders and other contractors? Besides digging foundations and septics, what other types of jobs do you guys do?

    Am i best just to advertising excavation or do I need to list services?

    I built a pretty decent hardscape business and now how to run that business and how to do advertising that works for that. If I could do one excavating job a month it would help get my return on investment faster.

    Any help is appreicated.
  2. CAT powered

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    I know that when I built houses I dug all my own foundations. Also everyone else I knew dug their own foundations.

    Perhaps you ought to try to get the builder to let you do the lawn instead of him doing it.

    If you can get that sort of work you could do that for a while then invest in a dozer to help you with that.
  3. J. Peterson Grading

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    I say since you have no idea what you have got going there, you should sell that PC150 to me. I know how to put it to work.

  4. bobcat_ron

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    That combo would be good for trenching, retaining walls, pools, anything that needs a good size hoe and a skid to clean up after.
  5. Dirt Digger2

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    just what people need now too..."professionals" that have no idea what they are doing calling themselves excavation contractors and lower bidding the real guys only to find out they got in over their heads and screw the homeowner over

    don't get into the excavation business with no experience, you will only be hurting your landscaping companies reputation
  6. mrusk

    mrusk LawnSite Gold Member
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    hmm sounds like someone has a big ego. I think I can handle moving some dirt. Let me see, I understand drainage, compaction, shooting elevations, layout, etc, etc. My landscape jobs incompass all phases of excavation.

    I just want to see what some odd ball jobs are that you guys do. When I think of excavations I think of new homes (which is dead right now), pools and land clearing. I know there must be more out there. Why would a homeowner want to move a butt load of dirt? Help me anwser that question and I will have a better idea on how to advertise.
  7. RockSet N' Grade

    RockSet N' Grade LawnSite Silver Member
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    You have found a niche and it is working for you........use these machines to help that business and down the road some type of opportunity may due time.
  8. J. Peterson Grading

    J. Peterson Grading LawnSite Senior Member
    from IA
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    I am an excavation contractor. Just because I have small equipment doesn't mean I don't know what I am doing. I have over 10 years experience in heavy hi-way and heavy commercial excavation and grading. I started on my own excavation business to fill a nitch market and to get away from know it all college kid supervisiors.

  9. RockSet N' Grade

    RockSet N' Grade LawnSite Silver Member
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    "Why would a homeowner want to move a butt load of dirt?" you ask.......That's pretty simple around here.......because they have a "cheap" mindset and it is "only dirt" and you can rent a machine at XYZ for alot less than you can get someone to come do it........I offered it in half jest before, but check to make sure you are covered in your current insurance policy for "excavation".......and when you tell your insurance guy that is what you are doing, make sure you are sitting down because your rates just went through the roof.........Excavation is alot of fun, but it can be a slippery slope if a job goes the least big wrong and the numbers are big.......What can you do with that machine? Demo houses, dig pools, install walls, dig foundations, utility lines, landscape rock, asphalt/concrete removal.......or if scrap steel keeps going up, you could always cut it up for scrap and sell it for more than you paid for it......
  10. stuvecorp

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    I like that, might have to run the numbers...

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