SO.... Where is the secret squirrel Turfco ride on??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LIBERTYLANDSCAPING, Apr 27, 2008.


    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Whatever happened to Bad A$$ super secret squirrel ride on sprayer/spreader from Turfco. All the hype & hoopla... What it all just a myth?:confused:
    Nothing on the website & nothing from those who were supposedly going to be at the "grand unveiling" weeks ago????
  2. Real Green

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  3. turfsolutions

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    Strangely enough I had a dream last night about an unmanned gps controlled spreader that I watched apply a step to a lawn then hook back up to the truck while the operator sat in the comfort of his truck. Of course he had to get out and blow off the driveway and walkways, unless it was chemlawn, then the could have just stayed in the truck and gone to the next lawn.:)
  4. turfcobob

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    If he had been using the Turfco 3000 he would not have had to blow off the sidewalk and drive. But, He would have to drive it rather than nap. Unit does a great job of keeping fert off walks and drives.
    To Libertylandscaping, they are out there. Turfco is shipping every week to somewhere but, we are asking customers to keep it low key for just a bit longer. We have our reasons. You can send me a phone number and I will call.
    Turfco Bob
  5. robertsturf

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    Frankly I am bored to tears with all the hush,hush business of the spreader. It still reminds me of the Loch Ness monster. Some have claimed to see it!! Frankly I am from the Show-Me state, so shut up with all the hype and area 51 stuff and let us see some pics....

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree way to much hype based on a disposable piece of equipment to be used 5-6 times a year for a few weeks at a time weather permitting of course. Say what you want about my Disposable comments but that's my opinion, I have gone through many of pg's and z sprays and other similar machines, I add one to the fleet, and after a couple of weeks on the road it's paid off and then I really Don't think much about the next one.
  7. sprayboy

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    It's very top secret. If you find out they will kill you and hide your body so it can never be found. I'm glad i'm not waiting because I am getting work done, not sitting on my a$$ waiting on the mystery of the century.

    As I said before....what a freaking joke.
  8. americanlawn

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    Not sure what you mean by a 'freaking joke':confused:. Since this unit is not 'top secret':confused:, I'm wondering why you haven't arranged to try one out:hammerhead:? "Sitting on my ass" -- that's what we 'used to do' on rainy days when we relied upon "other" ride-ons:laugh:. "Mystery of the century":dizzy:??? We have been using one for several weeks.....please let us know if we're wrong:confused:???

    If you are truly interested in this unit, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS.............pick up the phone. It's that simple.:laugh:
  9. Real Green

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    All I can say is, Amen...
  10. FdLLawnMan

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    It's not top secret because if you email Bob at Turfco and you are in my area we can maybe hookup and I can show you one.

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