SO.... Where is the secret squirrel Turfco ride on??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LIBERTYLANDSCAPING, Apr 27, 2008.


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    It doesn't exist
  2. Real Green

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    Your right, it doesn't exist. In fact there ISN'T a machine that is NOT right near you in Illinois. Whatever you do, DO NOT pick up your phone (that doesn't exist) and actually call TURFCO (which is a MADE UP company) to make sure that you DO NOT take the time to see this machine.

    One a side note: You should see my technician on this fake machine, he just levitates back forth over the lawns on his route all day long! It's incredible!
  3. sprayboy

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    Not intersted in driving miles and miles and miles to see something that I can not even see a pic of.
    What makes this thing so much better that you can use it on rainy days? Does it have a heat/drying system so you can get weed control? Does it have an enclosed impeller/drop system, not seen to many times that it doesn't get all gummed up. You've been around the industry as you say, you know the problems rain and fog or moisture causes.
    If Turfco is wanting to keep this thing such a mystery or secret than why are they letting everyone that has seen it blab about it all over the internet?

    I am not interested in buying another machine as I am perfectly happy with my Z-Spray. I get excellent weed control and a very nice spread pattern. The machine is very reliable and has not broke down. Oh I forgot, I had a tension spring break on the hydro drive last year. Not a problem as the springs on the boom are the same, quick change and on my way.

    Just post the pics and specs of the mystery machine and I'm sure this subject will die. Unless it looks like some of the other junk machine that have been on this forum.

    I'm not trying to be an a$$ about the matter, just tired of hear about something that most people don't think exists.
  4. LushGreenLawn

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    Its been said many times that there have not been enough machines produced to go around. What happens when Turfco spends tons of money marketing this machine (and we all know a national marketing campaign costs alot) and they only have a few built to offer for sale?

    The machine is not supposed to be out yet. If you read americanlawns origional post about this (The one from WAY back) he says that Turfco did not want him revealing any info about this machine. This is why, because of exactly whats happening now.

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