So who wants to make some money?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by South Florida Lawns, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Nope you must stay here.
  2. Landscape Poet

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    I have been using Heron Pest Control for the past 9 or 10 Months. They do a overall good job...they have failures....I call ...they attempt to fix....not perfect but they are big enough most of you should know the name. I generally have good response from their techs and sales staff.

    I have switched over to working with Pro-Mo from here on Lawnsite. The guy knows his stuff from our conversations. He just started a property late last week that I work on so I can not speak of his quality yet...but I have faith he will do a outstanding job from our meetings. He seems like a good guy that takes pride in his work, has the knowledge to back it up....the outcome should be great. :clapping:

    Others in Seminole County - Miller Envirocare .....the do a good job from what I have seen. The lawns that they service that I take care of generally are almost weed free, have great color, no pest issues. They are pricey so brace your clients. They will not budge on price generally...which is not a bad thing....they know what they have to make per K to deliver the results. I have not worked with them directly so I can not tell you how they are in reference to responding to us lawn turds request or questions.

    Hope that helps someone.
  3. South Florida Lawns

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    I tell you guys what learning all the chemicals that are available and what they do has taken a good part of my time this year, there's a lot to learn but I'm getting it all figured out. And not just turf trees palms ornamental.
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    Yep and just after you learn them they will replace them with something else.
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    Wow. This goes to show how different turf can be. I'm in the opposite corner of the state. No cracker jack license here either. Got so fed up with TG and having to spend time blowing 6" clippings in 7 days time that my wife got our license. Purchased equipment and started offering services ourselves. No bands on anything though so much easier to get the lawn looking right. My biggest problems here is bent grass, voles, moss, and sometimes rain. Good luck.
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    I think you mean the opposite corner of the country:usflag:
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    Yeah. That too.:hammerhead:
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    And no you can't come down here for winter work either.
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  9. but neeeed worrrkkkk
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    How I miss working in south Fla. where people apreciate a good lawn guy. I hate south Ga. where I am now.. Although , the summers are much easier here. Pretty much all the lawns are weeds mixed with a little bahia. Forget about irrigation. And spray guys? What are they? If your lucky you get to make a few Centipede lawns look nice.

    One of my customers moved here from Pa. and asked me about fertilizer and the whole 9 yards like we used to in Fla. I had to educate him, after I laughed, then cried.

    Winter is like being homeless here. I don't ever know what I'm gonna do through winter.
    I may be on my way back to steal some of ya alls work.. Just kiddin, but I may come back just to work for someone. Sick of billing, waiting etc etc..

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