So, You Find One of Your Employees Sleeping on the Course ...

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    You were just making rounds on the golf course to check on the work being done by your employees. As you came to the ninth hole, you found your employee, Alberto, asleep on the job. He was supposed to be repairing divots in the fairway. Several golfers getting ready to tee off at the 10th hole were pointing and laughing at the way Alberto had fallen asleep in the wheelbarrow. Clearly, you are frustrated and angry about this.

    What do you say to Alberto?

    This scenario was posed to the 24 golf course superintendents attending the Syngenta Business Institute at Wake Forest University. We liked Erwin McKone's answer. McKone, superintendent of Briar Ridge Country Club in Schererville, Ind., said he would first ask Alberto if he was OK.

    McKone's point was not to jump to conclusions. Maybe Alberto was up all night with a sick family member. Or maybe he is sick.

    What would you say?
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    If Alberto didn't have a medical condition that caused him to be in a wheelbarrow, I would show him the gate.
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    If it is a first occurrence and a good employee coach him and move on. People fall asleep in cubicles and retain their jobs. Golfers aren't that special that they haven't themselves fallen asleep at the wrong time.
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    I say Alberto should be smart if he wants to take a little nap and find a spot out of site of golfers, rangers, other maintenance workers, and especially his superintendent.

    I have to admit I have a few hiding spots on my golf course. Lol.
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    Sack him now.
    easy-lift guy

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