So you think you want a MTL?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Just think what ever the person paid for each of these machines. It's first year in service a good portion of the money brought in by the machine was lost in the value of the machine. Does not look like the person made hardly anything. Im sure some guys that run allot of hours and a good rate made something but probably for every guy that does that there is probably 10 that dont put much over 300 hours a year on the machine.
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    If I ever decide to go with tracks which I need maybe 30% of the time so far I may choose to go with the VTS system or a good used machine that has had the undercarriage replaced. It's looking like a Deere, Case or Takeuchi at this point. I just dont have faith yet in the Cat track sysem. I would own one of there skids though.
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    out here by me if you dont have a track machine you cant compete. its a must some guys have 2 3 of them
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    They have value and some guys certainly need them, but it reinforces the point that you have to charge accordingly. These were CAT machines but it applies to all of them (although I think the B series takes a harder hit than most others). I plan on bolting on the VTS on Tuesday. If the VTS holds up (I have yet to hear that they don't) I really cant see a down side to them. Yea it sucks paying the price for them up front, but as you can see, you pay either way. I'll bet if those MTL's were skid steers with comparable hours the depreciation would have been half what these machines were. I roughly figured about 20 dollars a metered hour went to depreciation. Considering with the VTS you pay the 15K upfront, you could recapure most of the purchase price in one machine (depending on when it was traded and condition but you get the point). You also have versatility of having wheels if you want to swap back and forth.

    One more plug for VTS. I spoke with these guys at ConExpo. I told them that I bought a set of tracks for a 246B at auction and they were going on a 440. Yesterday I had a call from Leogren. They wanted the serial numbers off the tracks so they could ensure that they would fit. They then sent me schematics on how to adjust the tracks for my machine. I thought that was excellent follow through on their part.

    Having no more than a couple days on a VTS machine, I don't know that they are the complete answer but it appears to me that they may be on to something.
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    It takes big bucks to play with big trucks. Well, that can be said for a CTL/MTL machine. It takes big bucks to play with a CTL/MTL machine. :)
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    Ksss while your pushing the pencil tonight do a little for me.I was talking to the Deere saleman the other day and he asked me if i would like to trade my CTL in.

    So i asked what kind of deal could i get.He said i could get the same machine with all the same options for 10 1/2K difference.The new machine would have the E/H Deere new pilots which supposely was around 2000 dollar optiong.

    So how would that compare to an Ironplanet deal????

    My machine is 05 model and had like around 650 hours.Excellent shape ,from just working in the dirt.

    So how would that figure out, as good deal,so so deal or what????

    I'm not going to trade,but thought that wasn't too bad.Since my machine is 3 years old now.It was a built in Sept. 05. Push the pencil okay.Thanks:usflag:
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    I think the VTS is kind of a game changer for skids. If you stay with the same size machine, once the VTS is bought you can keep moving to the next machine. I have noticed the salesman that sell MTL/CTL's pooh-pooh the VTS.
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    I have a Mustang dealership in MN. I also sell VTS. They are awsome. I put A MTL 20 against A Mustang 2076 with VTS. I put them plate to plate and had them both start pushing. The Mustang MTL 20 had no chance. Mustang wheeled skids do have the highest axel torque in the industry. I do have to say the MTL's are very bullet proof.
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    I get around $16.00 an hour or $4,200 a year (I am considering your machine 2.5 years old). It is almost 25% better than the examples I posted. Whether that is a good deal or not depends on your perspective. If I was a Deere owner, I would trade simply to get into the new controls system, so for me it would be worth the trade if for no other reason. Someone else posted that they got 42 months interest free on a 322. If you could get free money on top of the deal, all the better. I have had as low as 5 dollars an hour depreciation on some machines, others have been 10-11. I traded early on my last machine (465) I really need to keep the 95XT another year. I was lured by the free money, and the new series.

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