So you want to buy a $1,500 lawn tractor..

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dfischer58, May 15, 2005.

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    I've seen several posts of this nature. I've no direct comment, but I offer a few stories and a question or two.

    My fathers JD 210 is, I believe, 31 years old. It's had one new motor (hey, that kohler was tired after 25 years), the deck bearings replaced a time or maybe two, several new blades, and a few belts. I think the PTO bearings failed once, and I believe the ignition coil had to be replaced last year.

    I bought my JD 265 15 years ago from a dealer that had traded it in on a CUT. It had sat out, summer and winter, for at least 3 years and never been maintained well. I rebuilt the mower deck, replaced the belts (twice now), and change the hydro oil every other year. I too have replaced blades a few times, and a few years after I bought it I bead blasted it and had it painted.

    The 210 pushes snow and cuts grass. It's pulled few vehicles and he moves his boat around.

    The 265 has done ridiculous things. Moved 4,000lb trailers around my lot while building a home, moved my boat around, cut grass year in and out, plows snow, mulches and baggs deep deep leaves (harder on them then you might know), pulls out bushes, towed cars and trucks to service garages, etc... My paint job inspired my dad to do the 210 4 or 5 years ago.

    I believe I paid $1,300 for mine used, and did so confident that the machine, a real Deere garden tractor, was a viable investment.

    I wonder how much either mower has cost us on a per year basis? Ah well, I'm sure I'd just laugh.

    Those stories aren't rare. Rather typical really, of the good stuff. I do, btw, presently covet a kubota CUT and a CC ZTR, but I digress.

    How many stories like this are, or ever will be, told about new $1,500 LThuskymanMToro type mowers? And yes, I know JD makes the LT, but I blame the average "I want cheap" US consumer for that, not JD.

    I recall the time I bought a yard man mower for trimming. Hey, it was green and yellow, had the right deck size, same motor as the toro, and etc... It was a POS. I junked it in one year and bought a honda as my trimming mower. ah yes...

    So how much did it cost me? And what other machines generate stories like this? Ya'll answer that as you see fit, and of course I wish you all the best.


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