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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by tricolore13, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. tricolore13

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    I have no formal training on fixing a soccer field, but the fields here in Maui are awful. I am trying to fix two 7-aside fields now.
    1. wavy turf
    2. 1/2 the turf is weeds
    3. holes
    I am looking for any help I can get. This is what I am planning.

    1. Kill the weeds with Monument weed killer and Sledgehammer weed killer
    2. over water the field
    3. Aerate the field in many directions
    4. Take down high areas with bobcat
    5. Bring in dirt
    6. Mix dirt with new grass seed
    7. Fill with dirt to raise dirt in low areas
    8. Over water for 8 weeks.
    Please if you have any other help for me, please email me.
    and Thanks for your time.**********
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  2. tcjim

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    Some initial decisions need to be made on the desired quality of the end result.
    1. does the current turf cover justify selective weed control or should a total kill such as round up be used?
    2. Are there more high areas or more low areas? is selective cut and fill effective or should the entire field be tilled and regraded?

    A sure fire successful strategy is to:
    1. cultivate entire field to a depth of 6"
    2. Laser grade to achieve positive surface drainage
    3. Lime and fertilizer based on soil test
    4. seed with desired blend
    5. mulch to protect seed and retain moisture

    I'd be happy to spend the winter helping you. No salary required, just pay my expenses.
  3. tricolore13

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    I got the county to use a super strength weed killer called Celsius, I believe. they are going to apply it with a boom. then we will use a bobcat or machine to scrape the top off the high areas and then aerate the entire field in a few directions. And then top soil with a combination of sand and fertilizer. We are also going to add seeds to the mixture so it will have more grass growing while the old grass is growning underneath the soil. What do you think? Thanks Ty.
  4. tcjim

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    The most important thing with see germination is soil/seed contact. Core aeration to create a soft seed bed will be critical and allow for good seed germination and turf cover.
  5. turf4kansas

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    Sounds like you have a plan. Depending how much soil you're taking off the high areas, make sure you don't strip off all the good soil and leave subgrade to grow grass on. :) If you're only taking a little bit off then you should be fine, but I just didn't want you to fight the same battle I'm fighting thank to poor planning by my predecessors
  6. RigglePLC

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    Too late, as Tcjim mentionsed, you should make sure you have a good "crown"; don't cut it off with a Bobcat. That is, the field should gradually slope to be about 18 inches higher in the center, so that any excess water drains off evenly to the sideline drain areas. A professional with a laser-guided system can do this properly.

    Is this Bermuda grass? If not what species? What kind of seed? Do you have a maintenance plan? You want to avoid this level of degredation in the future. Soil test result? Soil type? Is it irrigated? Does field have drain tiles? Low spots where water collects are best corrected by drain tiles--not by fill-in with more "dirt". Can you reduce excess traffic? Can you move the goals every day according to a plan--to reduce excess wear at goal mouth?

    You should not mix fertilizer and sand--and seed. They do not spread the same--different particle sizes and weights.
    See info:

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