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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DaveVB, Sep 16, 2003.

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    If a private college can't afford to rebuild their soccer field what would be the best way to at least level it out? Top dressing? with sand was one suggestion from staff. We have a lawn care company taking care of the grass, ie fertilizing etc..but I don't know how to making it a better running surface for the players. Thanks for your ideas. DaveVB
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    Do anything with sand it will make it drain faster, probably then require more watering.

    I would think that for the best running and safety issues would be a thick healthy turf.

    Do you aerate it at all?
    That would stimulate root growth and if your turf contains Blue Grass or a Creeping Fescue, that aeration would encourage the root system to spread and thickening the turf.

    Plugging with a core may not be viable but for once or twice a season. Rather a spiking aerator such as used on greens and tees. With that spiking you can top dress with sand getting some of it into the small holes, that might make the soil less hard. But I would be inclined to dressing with a finely screened compost.
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    Sand is easiest to use as topdressing, but not always the most effective. If you have a sandy soil to begin with, then go ahead. If the soil is mostly clay, then adding sand is counterproductive. The recommended topdressing for clay soils is organic matter such as a high quality screened topsoil or compost. Sand topdressing a clay soil may help short term with leveling, but will cause long term problems. Other options include aerating, slicing, overseed/dethatch. All of these practices will help develop a smoother surface over time.
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    I renovated about 5 acres of soccer field playing surface over the last two years. What I did was to fil the soil to field capacity, aerify three directions, then wait for two days for the cores to dry. Then I utilized by Harley power box rake, went in about one inch in the soil and verticutt/rakes in the cores. All the high spots were removed and the fields greatly evened out. I then reseeded and fertilized.
    The way I did this was initiallly developed as the youth association that is responsible for the continued maintenance for the fields, didn't have the money for a tear out and replace with sprigs.
    The only additional comment would be to bring in a good, screened topsoil for topdressing after the aerifying and before the verticutting - provided the fields are really unlevel. The good thing with the pbr is that a uniform application of the topdressing isn't necessary as the pbr will redistribute the added soil when it verticutts.

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