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Discussion in 'Sports Field Maintenance' started by John Leber, May 24, 2019.

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    Ok you should’ve aerate in the fall or the spring put your N on it and put Bermuda down that is years of neglect it won’t happen overnight. Use your players in conditioning to topdress ect. Don’t cleats kinda aerate already in a way?
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    core aerify 3-4 times and allow cores to dry. drag matt cores out to break up the soil. may consider seeded bermuda for summer seeding option. will need water (alot) until solid germination then start weening it off slowly. will lose some bermuda in winter but can reseed next year until a solid hardy stand is established. as stated earlier over seed with rye to protect bermuda from dormant play and add color for fall. add 1 pound of N june, july, august depending on soil samples requirements.
    cleats do not count as aerification, may want to consider contracting deep tine aerification to loosen up the neglected field.
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    I was about to ask before I saw Corgi turfs response. Is fescue a grass that can really take that kind of use and abuse and recover quickly? Well I know the answer to the last but is it normally use on sports fields? Seriously asking I don't know. It barely grows here ... Too hot.
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    It likes to be mowed at 3 inches or so. Not like rye Bermuda or kbg. Also it’s coarse texture is not desireable
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    What is their budget for this ? And good luck getting an aerator to penetrate in July , without moisture it wont do a thing

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