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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Wilma, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Greetings experts,

    I am looking for information or advice regarding developing a site for the use of two soccer fields. The site is currently pasture land, however the grade is relatively flat. There will be some initial leveling needed. On a shoe string budget is it realistic to expect success doing most of the work ourselves? Are there any tutorials or any tips that you can provide landscaping 'amateurs' to succeed?

    Our hope is to have a field ready to play for May 2007. From what I have read it, would seem a good idea to prepare the land and seed before this fall. Our climate is cool fall and spring temperatures with warmer summers. We are located in Central Alberta, Canada.

    The equipment we have access to would be your traditional farm equipment, as well as renting skid steers. There is access to a tractor with a disc on the front of it. The size of each field would be 1.5 acres (195ft x 333ft) Once leveled, how much top soil would be needed before seeding? What would you recommend for seed? If there are no plans for underground irrigation, what would be a good watering practice to follow? As you can see I have many questions!

    Thank you in advanced for your help

    Parkland United Soccer Club

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