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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Anyone else notice that the frequency and level of social discussion and banter on this forum has dropped off significantly in the last year or so?

    Why is that?

    It is Thanksgiving Weekend down in the USA, and I have not seen even one comment or salutation between the participants here.

    It used to be, that those of us who knew each other (even casual contacts) would share some personal infomation, updates or reports about what is going on in their life, family, community, etc. I haven't seen much of this type of communication here in some time.

    The entire board seems somewhat down and depressed lately. Hope that it is not a long term illness...

    Up here in the North-Woods, the snow has arrived. We got quite the blizzard on Friday, enough that they canceled the Santa Claus Parade in Huntsville. (That was a drag as INTEGRA had its first Float assembled and prepared... all for not) The kids are happy as can be of course as they have a whole new world of adventure to play in outside. We still have a couple of systems to install, which will be a slow and cold process (but the wire is all in the ground so we are good to go) and then we can settle down a bit, sit by the fire, plan our vacation and recuperate before another busy spring (we currently have 5 large installations on the books for 2011). I am keeping both of my installers 'employed' this winter as I have too much invested in them to risk losing them to other opportunities that might come up over the winter. ( I hope they appreciate just how good they have it!) The deer have showed up... dining under the bird feeders in the back yard, and I have snow to clear...

    Have a great day.
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    IMO, it has a lot to do it the economy. People have resorted to other jobs in order to keep living. I have kept close contact with this forum the past year and can distinctly remember people resorting back to landscaping or lawn care. I think lighting continues to be a hard sell due to the economy and a society that is not familiar with this trade.
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    feel free to share some pics of your float. I sometime eny you guys up north, the idea of shutting things down in the winter sometimes seems real nice. We of course dont get cold enough or make enough $ during the "warm/hot" season so we plod of all year long. But part of me thinks I might go sturcrazy as well.
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    Still here. It is getting cold here also, but no snow to speak of yet. We have plenty of work and will go until the ground locks us out. Once that happens we will start working on the design and preconstruction of our home show displays.

    Got our Christmas tree up today and songs are already going in the back ground. I wouldn't mind a deep snow here to snow us in for a few days. Hot coffee, slippers, pajamas and a good book seem pretty nice after a busy year.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.
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    Still chugging along here although the lighting stuff is slowing now. Interior work starting up and I have a couple of additions that are ready to rough. Not too excited about working in the cold, I have become a cupcake. The reality is that once the Christmas songs come on I have a hard time keeping my head in the game. Guess I am still a kid at heart.
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    The Martin family has been really busy too. We all went this past weekend to pick and cut our tree. Here is a photo of my two identical nine year old twin boys and myself. It was pretty cold out.
    The landscape lighting business is complete for the season and I have gone back to the electrical trade to keep busy as last winter was very long. I am currently wiring a priviate residence and also working in and around the smelly steel mills. Looking forward to the festive season and some down time.


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    Great picture Ken, looks like everyone is enjoying a fun time together.

    They're 9 today and 29 tomorrow. "Enjoy it all while you can." ..... that's what I keep telling myself anyway........;)
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    That's for sure!

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