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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by EvandSeby, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. EvandSeby

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    I started with a simple Facebook page, then created another related but different page. I made a few promotional postings on Next Door. Then got a domain name and made a basic website. I paid Facebook for a "boosted post" in my target area. I posted a couple of times on the Facebook Marketplace . Results are , boosted post got a couple of clicks and likes locally and a few from India
    which does me no good. No clients generated from boosted post. A little interest generated from Facebook Marketplace. Two new completed jobs completed and paid for was the result. The overwhelming winner was the postings on Nextdoor. 14 new paying clients and counting. Also existing clients who comment on Nextdoor in their community site (not included in my postings)
    have generated paying clients also. Although I have read through the threads concerning social media I would like to know how others have faired on Social media ? Thanks and BTW I realize the pointlessness of the famous, "Let's get the Facebook likes rolling" thread
  2. Steve

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    I've picked up 4 people over the course of a year on Nextdoor. The problem I have with Nextdoor is that in my area it's becoming more of a marketplace and when you you post something it bumps it then people start complaining that I'm spamming, so I stopped posting. However, this year I'm not going to care. I did get a call a few weeks ago from somebody who seen my post tho, so they are searching.
  3. ltdlawn

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    So how are you posting on nextdoor? I see a lot post here with little traction. I have yet to get any referrals on their from customers.
    You not really supposed to promote you business on there so that may be why I don't not much for breaking rules in front of local community.
  4. Todd73

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    My area’s Nextdoor is absolutely useless. It’s nothing but a *****-fest of people complaining about the stupidest crap. One actually started a thread complaining about a service dog licking its private areas while in a bank.
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  5. JMK26

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    In general Nextdoor is great in my area, lots of good posts, everyone gets along. A lot of recommendations for trade "I need a bathroom done" there is potential there for people asking for lawn service.

    But I'm like ltd, not supposed to advertise business I don't cuz i'd be the one singled out as an example. Just my luck. Could be 20 cars doing 80+ on the highway....i'm doing 68 and I get pulled over.
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  6. EvandSeby

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    I made a post with pics of work I do (drip irrigation) a pic of my lettered service vehicle and my phone number and website . I posted in the classified section
  7. EvandSeby

    EvandSeby LawnSite Member
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    There is a thread on my local Nextdoor ap from a person who does sewing and alterations that someone complained about over posting.. The 50 + positive responses keeps bumping the thread to the top giving the illusion of overposting . There is not much oversight or moderators on my local site
  8. Steve

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    Yes that happened to me and another guy advertising lawn care. Some dude blasted us talking about not being allowed on the general feed should be on classified. I responded back saying if he clicks on the actual post instead of looking at the feed you will see mine and the other guys post is on classified.
  9. Adeas Printing

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    I am part of a referral network called BNI in our area. There are a few of us that use the Next Door App and it has worked really well for the home services industry in our group. We refer them instead of them referring themselves which goes over a lot better I think. I would maybe recommend someone else posting for you - perhaps a friend, neighbor or relative that would feel good about referring you? Good luck!
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