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Socialite Caught in a good lie

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by baja4wd, May 20, 2006.

  1. baja4wd

    baja4wd LawnSite Member
    from South
    Messages: 65

    Got a call from one of my customers on Wednesday requesting I be sure and cut her lawn by Friday b/c she had a party on Sat. I said no problem your regular service day is Friday & I will get it before noon. I then dropped by the house for a quick lunch & the wife tells me she & the neighbor saw a guy at this particular ladies house while they were walking and it looked like her lawn had just been cut. He was walking back to the truck when they passed by. Neighbor told the wife that he was the guy flooding the area with flyer's stating he could do it all, commercial & residential excellent prices. Hell the nut has even thrownem out at my house and another LCO down the street. Anyway I decide to step in the office to check the machine & I receive a message from this particular customer stating "Can you believe my husband cut the grass, you won't need to come out" have a nice day and she hung up. I was a little pissed even knowing her husband supposedly cut it, when I set my route, it is for a purpose and unless weather changes it, I try to stick with my set days for each account. I then called and it rang about 3 times and went to voice mail, I left her a message and let her know the day she was scheduled for and if the day needed to be changed either call and let me know or I would continue to cut her on the current schedule. The more I talked with the wife after I hung up I decided I would call the flyer guy and see if he had been at the house. Guy answered and I asked about an estimate, told him where I was located and inquired if he had cut any in my area recently; so I could look at his work. He told me he had one in the neighborhood and it was Mrs.------ on the street adjacent to mine, the customer I had been cutting. I was told I could call her for a reference etc. I thanked him and politely called Mrs.------ back and got the answering machine, kindly thanked her for her business and told her I would no longer be providing service for her. I appreciated customers who were loyal and mostly honest and like she said "I couldn’t believe her husband cut it" and from now on she could use Mr. --------. What you didn't know was my wife walks daily in the area and saw him walking away from your door. Hung up and was still really pissed, then went back out and went to a spec. house I had been cutting and for the 3rd time the ass had a flyer on the door of the vacant house. I work hard for my clients and provide the service I would expect on my own property. Then you have a fly by night guy, that when the temp hits a 90-100 in the next few months will sell out, same old same ole story around here each year. Wife told me; well you’re just giving a customer away, my reply "to hell with customers like that". Funny part is I don't do flyers anymore, it’s by referral and word of mouth & before the end of the day I had 2 other clients added to the schedule. Best part was the socialite got caught in a lie, bet her a--hole drew up when the got the message I left. Hope she felt about an inch tall, I can't stand liars.. :)
  2. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 21,653

    lol I hear you

    What I used to do with those cute low-ballers is I'd keep a few of their flyers and then whenever I run into someone who don't want to pay my price (especially when it's not even close), I give them one of those flyers.

    Why not help natural selection along, they want to work cheap, send them some more of that, there's a LOT of cheap and free work going around, they can have it all, here, let me help out some LOL
  3. Dude - I get Contracts. Without them your customers have no reason to not except a cheaper deal. If you thought you could get the same service at a better price would'nt you do it. My suppliers no they better stay competitive or they are gone.

    I get contracts in on paper, for the season. I also add that all charges are subject to aggregate costs. this is a double edged sward but it keeps everybody honest. My clients feel better knowing that we have an understanding about the expectations for the year. And when that bottom feeder comes around they just say sorry I have a contract for the year. I just add a modest fee to brake the contract based on the weekly cost to them,400%.

    Jim @ First Class Grass
  4. Well said! I'll have to stock up on some of those fliers.

  5. Precision

    Precision LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,995

    I know it pisses you off, but don't be mad at the flyer guy. I wouldn't even waste time being mad at the client. I mean she just made room for a better one. I lose clients on occasion to lowballers, usually my least fun / profitable clients and their yards usually pay the price. Some hack with dull blades and an unlevel deck just can't do a very good job. But hey, they saved $125 over the course of the year.

    And they will probably call me to resod. So all is well.

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