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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ethan51, Nov 6, 2013.

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    I just got the job from a contractor friend of mine to regrade and sod a whole back yard. This backyard had a playset that I disassembled, and hardly any grass in the back. The area to sod is 950sq ft. so a little under 2 whole pallets of sod. I have no idea how to bid installing sod as I have never done a job this size before, and I already brought in 3 yards of dirt to fill in big holes and start the re-grading process. I need about 5-7 more yards of dirt, and I need to get the sod delivered to the site and install it. So total cost to me for sod will be around $550, marked up 15% will be $620ish, and topsoil is $39 a scoop marked up to $45 a scoop, which is a yard and a half. So what kind of numbers am I looking at? I will be laying the sod by hand, and by myself.
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    I did $1.10 square foot installed this summer. I picked up delivered the sod myself and used only 1 yard of loam. Cost to me was .29 square foot. Loam at $16/yard.
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    Depends if you have to remove grass. If you have to remove grass around $1.00 / sq ft. Sod should cost around $.25/sq ft to you. Topsoil should be around $15-$30/yard. $50 delivery fee for topsoil. Depends what the delivery fee is for sod- can be expensive.
    good luck

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