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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by unkownfl, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Here's an listing from Orlando's Craigslist referring to: "Don't be fooled by muck based sod".

    I've asked experts and others in the business and I just don't see how one (sand based) is clearly inferior or better than the other (muck).

    Like myself, others have opinions but is any of it really research based? I'd love someone to provide some solid facts/evidence. Otherwise, I want to call out someone that wants to advertise that one is worse than the other.

    Yeah, "don't be fooled" or rather I won't be, since I'll be calling the people of to see if they can convince me.
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    No mexicans funny man. That's not even a third of an acre. It was 3 new/old houses in a row that had dirt and weeds as the lawns were never installed when the houses were built. Irrigation was already in. A private investor bought all 3 for cheap ,finished them and has sold 2 at current market price. The sod is doing fine. The new owners are thinking about adding some landscape.
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    Nice find Rob - interesting that they are offering a 30 day warranty on the sod after install, even against insect damage - HOPE THEY ARE CHARGING A PREMIUM for that.

    Rob, you know the guy that started up out of my neighborhood last year, well he offered a warranty on sod when he started out, he replaced one lawn three times last year because of it until he learned his lesson.
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    Does anyone know how I can purchase sod directly from the field? I know where to get it i just need a truck and driver to pick it up for me. I need a few loads. any suggestions??
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    I am curious as well, what thickness edger blade is everyone using?

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